2014-It is a wrap

2014 was one of those years. I sat in an office for a greater deal of the year, a first one for my peripatetic self. At some point in life you got to settle down. Few rolling stones ever gather any discernible moss.

So I spent this year holed up in SG, selling words. It is a demanding job. That means the blog suffered. I managed only 27 blogs in total. I posted infrequently. Many were the weeks I woke up with a blazing hot idea, started writing it, then got late for work, and temporarily shelved it (for later). But later never came. Essentially when you have a full time job as a journalist, your creative-self tends to be eroded. Partly because the full time job pays and the blogs does not. In Kenya blogs are yet to earn individuals money.The other bit is journalism is such a thankless job as you grow older.

Chasing after interview and leads can wear you off. Kenyan respondents are hardly cooperative. They will ignore your calls, turn down your requests. Then it hits them that the interview or mentioning them in the paper will serve them somewhere and they call you two months, give you a cock and chicken story about their having traveled to God-knows-where and offer to meet you on your terms. Some even have the gall to pass you a few notes to grease your hands. It is spiteful. I never knew that journalist, we occupy the lowest rudder in the corporate food chain.

But man must live. Each day brings its set of challenges. So you know which side of your bread is battered. While the blog is more rewarding given the creative space it accord me, it is yet to pay any bill. So you abandon it until you have a minute and potentially fired up. However, still I gave you a few particularly good blogs that got me substantial feedback.

I wrote about my favourite night club (Mojos) and it was well received. Then I wrote about Imara Daima Estate, it circulated not to a viral scale but it taught me that good writing is all about something that guys can easily identify and relate with.

But the mother of all blogs must be my assault on the Agikuyu Nation’s favourite food Mukimo. Hardly my best creative effort, it surprised me that 48 hours later it was being shared in Whatsapp messages. Checking on the comments and the statistics, I was overwhelmed. While much of the vibe from Kikuyus was typically negative, my intention was more to entertain than tom offend, but clearly humour or lack of it is a relative issue. I was accused of many things include fanning a genocidal vibe. Me, of all people that I was campaigning for the mass murder of the Kikuyu people!

Any ways I learnt my lessons. Especially after I took myself to TV making what must be deemed as the most disastrous TV appearance of 2014 and in deed the decade. But all in all, it was a good year in my writing career, though I was not as prodigious as I would have wished. I procrastinated too much. Hope 2015, I will procrastinate less.

2014 was a painful year. On Friday 8, August, my boy Ray bought me a beer at Psys in town and we shared a quick word before I left him with his fiancée. The following Friday, exactly a week to the minute he had bought me the drink, I received a call from his brother that he had been involved in a fatal accident and died on the way to hospital. Ray’s death was one of those that overpower you with emotions. As in, he is young, so full of life, and has a bright future, then kaboom! He is gone.

It reminds us of how fleeting life is. That death taught me the reality and brutality of death in recent times. And a week prior to Christmas, another fine young man from the village where I grew up was knocked down at City Cabanas, bringing the number of young, fine individuals who had died in accidents in two years to three.

Such is life. So 2015, start living. Drop negative people. Exercise. Eat well. Drink water. Love your man or your woman. Be faithful, Aids is real. Exercise, even if it means walking every few kilometres daily.

Here is to hope that we will all make it to 2015. And to hope the blog will morph into a website. And to hope that I will finally publish a book or two.

I thank you guys for having been part of the family. For taking time to read, comment. I cannot be more grateful.

See you in 2015. Keep well.

17 thoughts on “2014-It is a wrap

  1. Clearly humour or lack of it is a
    relative issue…couldn’t agree more.As usual,a great read.Post often i need to smile more next year.Happy 2015

  2. very informative especially to this young group of young journalists to be
    for the book, better hurry readers are waiting, we the creative type. Ilk of silas himself
    2015 cheers to that

  3. In enjoyed your recounts of life in UoN and the experience after college. I could totally relate. I have followed your posts and I give you a high five. I know these blogs don’t pay the bills bit when you can try keep them coming.

  4. Happy new year!
    Keep the blogs coming when ever you can.I especially like your creative twist of words and originality.I totally relate with some of your articles.Cheers.

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