Mukimo is a lazy and bad food, period.

I will not even mince my words here: Mukimo is the worst Kenyan food. It does not matter how many Kikuyu friends I have. It doesn’t matter if they have the presidency. It doesn’t matter if they hold key positions in the government, military and everywhere where the politically inclined tend to pick bones with them. I don’t care the stereotypes about their men and women.

For me, my beef with Kikuyus will always be about their lazy approach to preparing food. Kikuyu are some of the laziest, least creative people when it comes to food matters. Some of their other lazy inventions include tumbukiza: Simply you cut 2 kilograms of beef steak, deep it in salted water and let it boil, boil,boil, booooooooil. At some point bring a 2 kilogram cabbage or 20 leaves of uncut spinach and throw in. Serve while hot…

This is a joke. Not a culinary delight. But Kikuyus are some of the poor eaters I know. I have never met a Kikuyu who sat to enjoy and appreciate a meal. Savour the peculiar tastes of each and every starch and vegetable serving on the table. Understand the epicurean peculiarities of spices. Get the crispness of beer. Let their tongues dance to the exciting delights of natural fresh juice. For some strange reasons, these guys are constantly on the move. This explains their cavalier attitude towards things that really matter in life. Like food and family.

Kikuyus are possibly the more ‘civilized’ of Kenyans, given their earlier exposure to the colonialists. They don’t have many cultural inhibitions save for ruracio which seems to be widely respected and some really expensive weddings. It was a geographical accident that they be proximate to the capital. By that advantage, they at least ought to have produced the national delicacy.

Countries without a national delicacy are often very divided. And it is the Kikuyu’s fault for failing to raise to the occasion when it comes to food. When your most creative meal is mukimo, we are trouble. To make matters worse, they never learned to prepare ugali (which is the acknowledged national starch). No sane man from Western Kenya will let their Kikuyu wife or girlfriends touch the cooking stick. When it comes to ugali, they do such a terrible job, they stop short of mashing the potatoes into the simmering maize flour porridge in course to be made ugali.

And now the mukimo. When was the last time you heard someone say, ‘this Mukimo is niiiice’. Never ever. I can imagine who came up with mukimo. Three theories. These folks have always been entrepreneurs and commercial farmers, hence they never had time to start boiling the potatoes separately, the corn separately and also preparing the green vegetables or weeds they colour the mukimo with independently. So the council of Kikuyu women decided that just put all those things in one pot, let them boil together. Serve them when lukewarm.

Take a break to watch my disastrous appearance on the trend. Don’t laugh. I will not make any TV appearance until 2046.

Theory number 2. The Agikuyu are classified as the only matriarchy in Africa. As far as I know. So since the women ruled, they had no business of enticing their men with food. I can imagine Wangu wa Makeri (was that her name) telling the women to focus on more important things in life. Like whipping the bad bottoms of men for fun. So, men never would tell what bad food was from good food. Importantly, they didn’t care since they were plotting for the fall of womanhood. Remember that stroke of genius where they impregnated all the women simultaneously and made them weak and essentially overthrew them? How their timing defied biology is a story for another day.

Theory number three. During Mau Mau, the Kikuyus had no time for niceties and pleasantries of preparing food with the all the luxury in the world. They cooked everything hurriedly before the Brits disrupted their daily routine. For that we are thankful. But what have they done to boost their culinary skills 51 years down the line?

Simple, they discovered carrots, irish potatoes, peas, cabbages and decided that is what they will feed their men and all the people who throng their restaurants. And then, to make the matters worse: They decided that Githeri is a delicacy and essentially ruined our high school lives. NKT. Imagine if Martian arrived on earth and asked, ‘how do you prepare githeri?’ and you answered,

“Just take beans and corn and boil them.” I swear that is the simplest recipe in the universe. Now imagine the panache with which women at the coast prepare their beans even to the point of putting coconut oil in it. Imagine the spices that transform a simple dinner into a heavenly pleasure.

The Luhyias specialized in the chicken stuff. Luos know a thousand edible fish and a hundred ways of preparing them, even though omena is culinary insult. We the Kisiis, if you didn’t know invented ugali, before the Luos copied from us and passed it to the Luhyias who perfected the art. For Kalenjins, they make Mursik through an art passed down generations and is the secret to their success in athletics.

What about Kikuyus. Their food is devoid of any heritage. Any cultural teachings. Nothing at all. Mukimo is tasteless, you will need salt and spiced soup for you to make head or tail of what eating. It is simply mashed potatoes mixed with githeri and a food colour made from some weeds. And their brand of beans, njahi, tastes like warmed loam soil. Bad, bad, bad…

For their cavalier attitude towards food, Kikuyus should be banned from eating pizza or any food that requires any imagination towards making it.

What most people don’t know is that the reason why marriages between men from Western Kenya and Kikuyus don’t work is less political, more culinary: And I will say it here without fear or favour: for men from Western Kenya, if there isn’t ugali on the table, there is no lunch or supper there, period. He may lie to you that he doesn’t really mind, but mostly it is because you are light-skinned (hence can’t put you through so much trouble). Or, you are too pretty, he doesn’t want to offend you.

When all said and done, we did not endure all those forests and wild animals from Cameroon to come and eat githeri and mukimo. Kikuyus owe us an apology and their women should be sent to West Kenyans on an exchange programme and be taught how to prepare proper ugali, nice vegetables and a protein dish. While at it, be taught that potatoes need not be a constant on every meal. And no Shiro, a man cannot sleep on a paperful of chips!

There are other methods of preparing dishes, besides boiling. Try frying. Smoking. Roasting. ..

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    1. Wewe githii.. this is where u pple get it wrong. Mukimo is never meant to be taken as a dish by itself u morons!! ..u need meat, beef stew, vegies & some garnish.. Its like eating ugali & complaining how tasteless it is.. at least Mukimo is more creative & better than a maize meal aka ugali … silly kisii

      1. Tell them please….It’s lack of understanding and knowledge….Njahi with ripe bananas is my favourite

      2. Most wonderful and piece of journalism pure facts in a most amusing and entertaining. Well researched. But you didn’t add boiled arrow oots, sweetpotatoes and even marenge. Everything boil and serve. Mtu ajiwekee chumvi.

    2. Nyanchwan, which Mukimo are you referring to here? It is in bad taste and bad manners to sit down and pen an article that is not well researched, showing bias and ignorance. For your information, Kikuyu people have different kinds of mukimo and they all have different names and are eaten in different ceremonies and occassions. I tried to pick up from your article which one of the many mikimos you were referring to and I failed. None of the mikimo I know fits your description. But let me take the pain of educating you kidogo, so that you stop showing your ignorance publicly.

      We have different types of mikimos (Plural for mukimo)
      1. Mukimo wa Njahi,
      2. Kamitu,
      3. Mukimo wa Minji, and
      4. Irio
      1. Mukimo wa Njahi is made with hyacinth beans (Njahi or Lablab purpureus (scientific name of the bean)), simmered with green maize till ready, then you add potatoes and bananas plus a few near ripe bananas (Marigu matotu) and salt to taste and mash them together. You serve this with a stew of your choice. This dish is mainly given to mothers after giving birth (That is why njahi are sometimes referred to as Njahi cia “muciairi”)

      2. Kamitu is made of pigeon peas and no maize is added. The pigeon peas are cooked by simmering till ready, then you add potatoes (Clean good standing potatoes) simmer till the potatoes are ready, add salt to taste and mash. This dish traditionally was reserved for weddings and for the old people who had lost some of their teeth.

      3. Mukimo wa Minji is the common one but unfortunately because of the cost of peas many hotels just mash some green maize with potatoes and add green veges to imitate mukimo. What is served in many hotels and restaurants is not proper Kikuyu mukimo, strictly speaking, unless there are peas added, and that could be what you are referring to, which I categorically state here IS NOT THE KIKUYU MUKIMO AT ALL and do not pass it for a KIKUYU food coz it is not. Those people selling it should just give it a proper identity but not refer to it as a kikuyu dish coz it is not. Mukimo wa minji is a dish made of green peas and green maize. the two are simmered till ready, potatoes added, and more often than not, the potatoes are first fried under low heat till rady and the ready mix of peas and maize added, then add salt to taste and mash them. This dish is also served with a stew of choice, many times beef stew is a choice stew, or served with nyama choma.

      4 Irio is really the traditional mukimo made with beans, maize, green vegetables (Mainly cowpea leaves or ‘Thabai’ – (the stinging nettle or Urtica massaica for those who are interested in the veges names) potatoes and bananas. Beans and Maize are brought to boil like for Githeri, then water is reduced, potatoes are added with green bananas, simmered till almost ready, and when almost ready, the veges are added, simmered for a short while to just cook the veges, salt to taste and mash. This is also served with stew of choice. This is a lengthy preparation meal and therefore Nyanchwani, before you talk about laziness, tell me how long you think preparing this meal takes. It is referred to as irio as it is a complete meal in itself. Proteins, Starch, veges and all. It is a very nutritious meal for your information and I can tell you that no lazy person decides to make this meal because even mashing it to perfection takes a lot of time and energy.

      I can tell you for one that none of this meals take a short time to prepare, and that is why the lazy people would like to turn round things, (REVERSE PSYCHOLOGY) and try to portray Ugali as a meal that is anything but a lazy mans meal. any of this Mikimos take more than two hours to prepare, and that was the reason why many people invested some money to purchase pressure cookers to speed up the cooking, but I can tell you here, it never tastes the same. The pressure cooker reduces the flavour.

      Nyanchwani, if you are man enough, I challenge you to prepare any of the mukimo dishes mentioned here, eat them and pen another article with accurate information. Take the pain of checking how much time it will take you to prepare 1Kg of the food, plus the cost of one good one, compare it with ugali and let the readers know which of the two is a lazy man’s food, and which is more tasteless. And while we are at it, what is the taste of Ugali like, sincerely speaking?

      1. sir i salute you. well writen n researchd . hope all this was nt to respond to the lazy ignorant writter who cares much sbt others n forgets himself.

      2. Can someone educate this guy. Thanks grace for that. A reminder though, after you mash the kamitu you can pan fry it with red onions till nearly burnt. Same with boiled githeri, pan fry till dry with onions and add your spices such as dhania, royco or curry powder. Try this with nyama choma or beef stew. N by the way, kikuyu’s roast the best nyama choma. Name a better culinary than that.

      3. I have always suspected that all the different mukimo’s I’ve savoured were prepared differently, there was a style to madness of coz. Your recipes have been Copied and pasted to my culinary book,,, thank you

      4. Wow! Grace..mad respect… I love mukimo to bits and yeah, I’m a kikuyu, but I dint know half the stuff you wrote about mukimo… I think now I appreciate it all the more!

      5. Grace you are fantastic. You have hit it non the head. Kai tungikiongerera atia na waheana uhoro gitau! Kai mwandiki niarigwo Ati utakanyuiriire ndoi Ke rita

      6. hahaa.. grace you served us with a very well researched piece. . clearly someone struck a nerve.. you to take time off for this.. hehee.
        problem is no amount of beautiful prose.. spicy scientific names.. tasty culinary language can make up for tasteless food. simmering? … come on you know that’s just boiling that went to Harvard..!!. and thats the problem!!… you boil…eer…simmer everything! you’ve used the word fry a total of.. drumrolls… ONCE!
        And what’s with the scientific names? who cares for lablab whatever grace?..njahi doesn’t get tastier with latin forks does it? and please don’t take this as an attack on kikuyu people.. we can’t ignore that tribalism is real..and articles like this, however well intended, fan that fire. I love y’all. hell I don’t know a better brew than muratina.. a better snack than mutura.. but man…Mukimo. .. githeri.. terrible!! smh.

      7. Grace, well put!!! this man Nyanchwani wrote a piece that was not well researched and was very biased! I concur with all you say Grace and I hope this man takes up the challenge….

      8. ngirethi hau niwwaria…..this guy needs some classes from a beautiful woman from Central Kenya who Knows how Mukimo is prepared. he should also know Githeri is not all about boiling maize and beans. we need to give him a few of the githeri recipes, then he can write another article!!

      9. your problem is you ddnt understand the article above the problem of you is they way of preparing which makes it the lazy way of doing things…for your info we know those mikimos

    1. Aye Nyanchwani! They should know how obokima bw’obori was made traditionally. Grinding millet on the orogena then making chinsaga using cream from amabere atundire ase ekerandi then serving it on ekee. Moikoyo ere takorugera omogusii aisaneke, thats why you see a Kisii man marries a Kikuyu woman but has to employ a Kisii househelp. Thats by choice and not void.

  1. well if it may interest you, There is something they call “fallacies of generalization” which by the way is over your head, judging from your one handed account. This is a good article albeit one that reeks of your shortsightedness, I can give you a good Kikuyu cook for every lame paragraph above.

    1. I concur with you. The whole article is fallacious… I tend to wonder how much of a cullinary expert the writer of the article is and what creative dishes he has invented….i’d also want to know what creative dish the make where he comes from.

    1. May be you but not I. do not use the collective word “tume” coz probably only you have been found out. Perhaps you are one of the ones selling some maize mashed with potatoes and green veges and passing it as mukimo? come clean Irene. Labda umepatikana

      1. Grace, you have really tried to let people come in terms with mukimo. Myself I’m not a Kikuyu but have tested a Kikuyu meal without any complain. Leave them alone

  2. Be proud of your culture and don’t expect others to embrace it just because you do. I love Mukimo and Githeri, they are naturally made and our forefathers fed on them. That’s what made them so strong to fight the Mzungu so you can enjoy the freedom you enjoy today. My grandmother & father still feeds on the same.There is also gruel, the traditional uji made of maize flour & sorghum and then fermented. I will feed on Mukimo, Githeri, gruel anytime of the day and where i get hold of them. These are the true African meals. Let nobody lie to you that Kikuyus don’t make good ugali or any other delicacy. Tour Kenya and discover what you seem not to have an idea about.

      1. where was the muzungu concentrated?? You seem to have very narrow idea about the fight for independence.. read history!

    1. @ Lillian – This is the strangest this, being Kikuyu myself.. Maize, Potatoes, Beans, Spinach, Sukuma, Sweet Potatoes, Sugarcane, Bananas… etc
      Were all brought by the WHITE MAN.
      Our forefathers did not have them at all!
      Therefore, there was no culture and long tradition of cooking them.

    2. I would like to correct that guy or lady who doesn’t even a clue of kikuyus delicacies.he ate a replica of mukimo made by his tribes women.If he is sure of humiliating statement,let him contest against me.

  3. Mukimo is not boiled, it is poached (a very effecient and professional cooking technique) in low temperature to coax the flavors and nutrients from the healthy vegetables. Obviously you cannot cook a good mukimo. Actually this post is not even a post about Mukimo, it is just plain hatred for Kikuyus, and it’s ok, don’t hate the player, hate the game. We run this BITCH, mupende musipende

      1. Ok. So why do all those people consume Mukimo in large hotels, restaurants, weddings, parties, bars, you really think that you know more about food than them? Come on

      2. My oh my….this is soo spot on. Butt just remember that mukimo is a vegeterian diet, no heart problem, diabetes etcetra. We should give it to Ukuyus for being foresighted on healthy eating. As for ugali, its too white, rather tasteless and a very recent invention. The mzungu introduced corn to country about a 100 years ago. What were kisiis eating before then………..

      3. you could have fooled me.
        this is either some thinly veiled tribalism, a rant about Kikuyu meals you’ve eaten prepared by really bad cooks or an attempt at garnering publicity by trying to stir up unnecessary drama.
        my money’s on number 3.

      4. Why this sick obssesion with Kikuyus and who told you that if they wan to ”improve” their culinary tastes they would seek your services? you are extremely naive about this community that your type think they could be better of if they cease to exist. Quit this colourless imagination and cease facing Mt Kenya…

      5. But, it’s all over your face, I concur with kahinge, this article is not about Mukimo, infact just about a paragraph is about mukimo.

      6. Really now Nyanchwani? Is it absolutely about mukimo. Then why bring up the issue of vicinity to Nairobi, mix with colonialists and freedom fighters? You need to redo your primary schooling and learn to stick to your subject area. Do not digress as this shows you for what you really are thinking about while hiding in a topic about food. I have eaten Mukimo at the coast and it was not prepared by a kikuyu. You could have stuck to mukimo as a food and not bring in the tribes. How then did the kisii in you, the luhya chicken and the Luo fish come to the mix if it was about mukimo. eeh Nyanchwani, man up!

    1. Woot..woot. Tell them…na by the way, I can guarantee you that if you eat mukimo, you will not die of a Heart Attack! Poor guy…come home nikupatie hook up! You will have a mukimo orgasm!

    2. Tell them. The problem is that they want to have mukimo and eat it hat way, then say it is bad. I can say the same about Ugali. It is tasteless and also can be called a lazy bad food Period. Many people who stay alone are only best at cooking this one bad tasteless meal. Why? because it takes short time to cook – why should a person purporting not to be lazy just go for easy to cook dish – just boil water, add flour – koroga, and there, you have a very tasteless stiff porridge. What gives it the flavour is the stew to go with, just like mukimo, so please nyanchwani, much as you pride yourself with ugali have been gunduliwaad by the kisii, do as a favour and gunduwa what goes with mukimo, less you are not qualified to comment on a dish you obviously know so little about.

    3. Tell them Kahonge. The problem is that they want to have mukimo and eat it that way, then say it is bad. I can say the same about Ugali. It is tasteless and also can be called a lazy bad food Period. Many people who stay alone are only best at cooking this one bad tasteless meal. Why? because it takes short time to cook – why should a person purporting not to be lazy just go for easy to cook dish – just boil water, add flour – koroga, and there, you have a very tasteless stiff porridge. What gives it the flavour is the stew to go with, just like mukimo, so please nyanchwani, much as you pride yourself with ugali have been gunduliwaad by the kisii, do as a favour and gunduwa what goes with mukimo, less you are not qualified to comment on a dish you obviously know so little about.

    4. ha ha ha gideon, you have gone all out breathing fire and brimstone, why don’t you at-least find humour in this piece of writing.. ha ha ha ha…

  4. Interesting perspective. Dig a little more and you shall be enlightened. Your hypothesis needs a follow up of the healthiest people walking around based on their lifestyles and dietary choices and preps. I will be waiting on that one.

    1. “Your hypothesis needs a follow up of the healthiest people walking around based on their lifestyles and dietary choices and preps” mukimo lovers i.e. those whom it is a staple are worse of…mbuyu hauna mbao

  5. hahaha….this is just funny….’it all a case of Mind over Matter……if you dont mind it doestnt matter…It works for us pretty well. Proud Kikuyu from mukimo and tumbukizaland of Murang’a

  6. Hilarious and seeing where you come from I sort of understand your outrage but certainly don’t share it. You just need the right induction to mukimo and githeri 🙂

  7. someone should tell kenyans; for the agikuyu to put that mukimo on the table one needs to “beca” hence the reversed priorities… Money comes first food later… Guys from western all they think is food no wonder they can’t transcend their “political” problems coz for every political meeting food has to be present… Wake up people… The houses along Thika road from Safari Park to Nyeri are not built of mukimo… they are built of stones… !!!

  8. I am a kikuyu and ab the lazy cooking tumbukiza stuff is true, you should visit ushago where we do a stew of potatoes, peas,beans,carrots, cabbages served with rice that has carrots…lol..but saying that “I have never met a Kikuyu who sat to enjoy and appreciate a meal” is untrue, am sure and a stretched generalization…FYI you obviously haven’t eaten some delicious mukimo (forget the crap they make in hotels or occasions) i challenge you taste my mums sweet banana mukimo (made from blackbeans) she is known for it..then you might at least give us a fighting chance…….just saying

    1. Very true indeed. And btw, they missed the recipe for the various mukimos. Bwana Nyanchwani, which mukimo is your reference here because we have very different ones for different occassions and taste very different. Just to inform you coz you seem to have forgotten to do a research when you sat down to pen your very biased article

  9. Eh, you guy you need to eat fried mukimo, or that mukimo made with sweet bananas…. And NO you don’t boil everything together to make mukimo. You boil them separately, then you mash them.

  10. Dude, you’re just mad,and poor and disenfranchised.

    It’s probably true that “Kikuyu” food is not a delicacy,but it really shouldn’t make you this mad. Let me school you a biit. Githeri,a mixture of maize and beans,was food that the “Kikuyu’s” had to prepare during the famine seasons. When I say famine I don’t mean draught, I mean poor harvest seasons. Back in the day,especially during the Mau Mau war…the colonialists had very strict control on land.

    At the height of the war, the british created concentration camps.

    They were known as “Gulags”. They would take entire communities and lock them up in these camps. During the day,they would allow a small group of women to go out for short periods of time to go to their farms to collect as much food as they could.

    Most of them did not have farms,so what those who had farms did was collect food that could sustain their immediate families and others inside the camps.

    A mixture of maize and beans could stay fresh and edible longer than lets say…pumpkins.

    It’s a sustainable food source,balanced and accessible.

    It’s really sad that you feel the anger you feel against one community. But if you really think about it, every man holds their fate in their hands. No one takes food out of your stomach, all our leaders steal from all of us regardless of where they come from.

    Right something positive next time.

  11. Hahaha….crazy guy.Have had mukimo through out my life and still have not had enough.That said….the tumbukiza part is so true and so hilarious.

  12. Why spend 3hrs on something that you will eat in 10mins, then pup after 2hrs and feel hungry again…we have other things to worry about like “Global warming” you know

  13. ha ha ha…i have laughed so hard !! unfortunately this is true. you have to do a lot of spicing up for githeri and mukimo to taste good, I fry the mukimo in a pan with oil and onions it taste great, try it all the same beautiful post.

  14. i looooove the dish. And its almost always reeeally nice LOL
    what does the presidency have to do with your preference in meals thou????

  15. I agree and from now on I won’t feel guilty about bringing BBQ sauce to family gatherings to spice up my food a bit 🙂

  16. Hey my broda! kanyanga pole pole…I am a shiru…come I prepare you the best of Kikuyu culture and you will not miss it in the most important of kikuyu culture meetings…it is a whole day affair, you have to be taught from greatgranma for you to get the hang of it. It has to taste the same way it tasted those days…it is called Mukimo wa Njahi! you will change this story.

  17. I am a Kikuyu, and i kinda agree on you on lots of these things. Who do i have to blame? i know i have a part to play(learn) but our parents faired pretty poorly as far as teaching us this is concerned. i try write up a menu, and i cant go past 3 days without repeating a meal.its githeri, rice, mukimo, baaaaas, githeri again., like seriously???? very frustrating. I am actually thinking i should befriend my friends from Western for an exchange program! 🙂 anyone out there willing to coach? he he heeee

    1. I live in western. The daily menu is ugali, traditional vegetables and maybe meat. What’s so hard about boiling managu, mrere, saga, kunde etc then frying and adding milk or cream? You are lucky your menu can be varied for 3 days. Here if ugali is not on the menu hakuna food

  18. Am a kikuyu, just to remind you that you forgot to mention pilau Njeri n that stew made of cabs,carrots,beef n potato es thats constantly cooked as stew for chapon.

    All in all I would appreciate if central n eastern bantus would take interest in learning other cuisines….i love couscous, oats, murenda, unripe banane in rosemary,ama the unripe bananas in bacon and chicken fry (you mix them gather them),try beef in cinnamon…mmmmh yummy….but my hse managers unfortunately dont find them appealing…gggggrrrrh it really sucks.

    As for your githeri,try adding maziwa lala and rosemary you gonna link that plate. Ever tried cooking rice with nduma (just grate then as you’d with carrots),and for minimiser try frying the already mashed heap in ghee and sprint onions…. i thing those Shiroz you have met r the lazy ones who never wanna up their game.

    You Kisii guy hebu tell me what stew goes perfectly with Ugali ya wimbi coz hiyo inanishinda kudiscover.

  19. Mukimo is the best food ever. for your information cooking oil is not healthy.. we are going back to our roots (boiled food) how is that.

  20. are you forced to eat it? same way i cant dare eat those small fish called omena this is not about mukimo its about kikuyus

  21. you are absolutely misinformed…. but then I understand what you were looking for, traffic, too bad it didn’t jam here. again, is your article about MUKIMO the one dish that you hate so much or the an indirect portray of your meanness to the kikuyu community. I see a confused article, better rename it.

  22. So the whole point of this article is UGALI, i would love to know where you ate your lunch afterwards, chances are the cook was a Kikuyu

  23. Lol I have to admit that I am one fan when partaking mukimo, but this piece is well crafted and makes sense to me. Enyewe style is needed by Kuyos when it comes to cooking. I bought one last weekend and was asked “tukukaangie”? While at the counter and I wondered what were you selling me bitch! A few minutes nikakaangiwa less than 5 to be precise,,,,,,,.

  24. Its good of you to start on the defense mode but just to let you know,Kikuyu’s don’t really care about what anyone says.They are a unique entity in themselves and yes! No apologies to any of the 41 tribes,I love my mukimo hot and fresh from the pot.It consists of carbohydrates,proteins and vitamins,a combination which cannot cause kwashiokor and other nutritional diseases like eating ugali which is just a mixture of maize flour and water.Have you seen any of the Kikuyu children walking around with their stomachs bulging out in drought or famine? You keep talking.Infact you have just psyched me into preparing a whole pot then storing it in containers to store it in the freezer for a whole month.

  25. Its good of you to start on the defense mode but just to let you know,Kikuyu’s don’t really care about what anyone says.They are a unique entity in themselves and yes! No apologies to any of the 41 tribes,I love my mukimo hot and fresh from the pot.It consists of carbohydrates,proteins and vitamins,a combination which cannot cause kwashiokor and other nutritional diseases like eating ugali which is just a mixture of maize flour and water.Have you seen any of the Kikuyu children walking around with their stomachs bulging out in drought or famine? You keep talking.Infact you have just psyched me into preparing a whole pot then storing it in containers to store it in the freezer for a whole month.

  26. hehehe don’t know where to start given that my name is shiro but this is hilarious! anyway, my boyfriend is luo and loves my food! p/s I’ve never prepared mukimo coz ironically, I don’t know how to go about it!!!

  27. Funny…….but true. You can imagine eating food that has no name: Rice+carrots+irish potatoes+ cabbages+matumbo…….unachoka tu then appetite inapotea (I call MIX THEM, GATHER THEM)

  28. if u can’t beat ’em… join em.. u ain’t gonna change shit bout em.. this smartasses frm central are waaay up there in everything. accept by default

  29. Hilarious,but what of ingredients,mukimo or githeri might not be the tastiest or flavorful but i bet its healthy and very nutrient….let me add it adds libido if not explain why kikuyus are most popular.

  30. Loooooooove mesome Mukimo..all time favourite meal…and now this article has me salivating..must have mukimo for lunch today!! Good read 🙂

  31. I’m a kyuk but I hate githeri to a point that I would never eat it even if offered for free as long as I can afford to eat something else. My wife hardly ever cooks it to a point that it’s banned from my house. Mukimo can work for me but only once in a blue moon, if accompanied by fried meat and some cabbages.

  32. The writer wanted to steer of stereotype.. he ended up in the middle of it, pap with smear and smug! I love mukimo (or kienyeji) and if it is prepared in a way I don’t like, I say so, but not being stereotypical about it. And for a fact, there are many Kikuyus who know what good food is about, and how to prepare it.

  33. writing such bullshit results in the ethnic problems experienced in Kenya today…i think you are very myopic, and you wasted web-space trying to show the public how much empty space you have inside your head

    1. “ethnic problems….” only to dimwits and the less intelligent. This is humour at its best and people should see as that

  34. I’m a kyuk and honestly I find even boiling an egg time consuming.. Let me do what I do best and live the cooking to those who love doing it. Mukimo is a no for me though … I only eat when grandma prepares coz she’ll be unhappy if I don’t .

    1. God truly loves kikuyus. jelousy will not take u anywhere. luos, luhyas and kisiis are like beasts as they feed on some weeds (mrenda) which when cooked looks like mucous(makamazi). why can’t you ugly men from western stop salivating for beautiful kikuyu ladies and get hooked up to your equally ugly western ladies? have you ever seen or heard a kikuyu man marrying from your tribes? keep to yourselves!! we don’t want to be contaminated. food food!! shame on you!

  35. if wishes were horses, i’d transform you into a Mukimo to be eating on daily basis. FYI it does not go bad that easily.. me loooove it…. yummy…

  36. You are wrong on so many levels sir…if we (Kikuyus) spend all our time thinking of how to cook, when will we get time to run the country…and the economy? Leave the good cooking to fellas at the coast…we produce food, we employ them to whip it up into something delicious, they pay us to transport it to other people who are interested in it…that way, everybody feels happy

  37. MMMMhhhhh small brains think small small….in swahili……Anyway Question back to you Mukimo goes with an accompaniment to get taste….could you tell us what is the taste of ugali without an accompaniment ? AAAHHHH by the way most of my western and Luo friends are married to Kikuyus if it is not for the food ahhhhh you can guess why….maybe for the money…but the money can be put into good use ..kama vile kuemploy a cook (italian, German….. whatever taste you like)

  38. I find this article very offensive. It is unfortunate that other Kenyan tribes have resulted in blaming Kikuyus for everything that is wrong with this country.We are in a democracy and whether you are from the Luo, Luhya, Kisii or any other tribe among the more than 42 tribes in Kenya, you have a role in what happens in this country. Everyone needs to stop playing victim and blaming Kikuyus for their misfortunes.

    The most disappointing thing about this article is the intolerance for the delights and ways of different cultures and in this case the Kikuyu culture and its delights. As for Mukimo that is our food, we like it and if you don’t like it that is a matter of personal choice. What makes you presume that Luo food is liked by all Kenyans or its tasty or for that matter what the hell is Ugali? Flour mixed with boiling water to form a thick paste that could double as a weapon. If we are talking about a simple recipe this must be one of the simplest recipes of all time. Just two ingredients and you are done. …. and who says there is only one way of making Mukimo? Do your research and stop hating on Kikuyus. If you don’t like Mukimo stop eating it.

    1. U go girl! I’m with u all the way! Screw Nyanchwani and his tribal banter! N we won’t even start discussing their disgusting accents. We are better than that!

    2. Sometimes you guys blow up your fuses for nothing. The writer of the article was just being humorous, and meant no evil. Why is everybody interpreting the article from a tribal point of view? Guys,please have a sense of humor, otherwise mtakufa wachanga sana. I laughed very hard after reading the article, though disagreed with a few of the writers opinion.

  39. Hayaaaayeee i enjoyed every bit of this article story……so real.
    I have a kikuyu girlfriend who admits they are the worst when it comes to cooking!
    Now, i do make mokimo and githeri and i must say, with lots of passion! Its always yummy and delicious…….

  40. GHAI! Si you have chuki with kyuks! I don’t know where you got your palette from, but well prepared Mukimo is actually tasty (and we DO fry mokimo, wacha kukula za vibandani)

  41. Dude you just have issues with Kikuyus. I bet you one hot Kyuk mama Dumped you, ama just had no time for you. Weak Article bro. Waste of my damn time. It just sucks that when we as a nation are more united than ever you bring this garbage of tribes. Catchy Title, but mostly crap. Kudos for the big words though.

  42. Hilarious! You claim that you have not met a Kikuyu who savors food…you have not me!!! My mother is not one to mix everything in one pot, she will do kanyama fry kando, tuspinach kando (crispy), na ugali poa…all my life I have eaten yummy food. I travel lots and my fav thing to do is to try out different cuisine, Thai, Vietnamese, Mediterranean…my fav is Indian…So, yes, they are kyuks who know good food. Keep writing!

  43. Haha…Funny but still….Ugali too needs some sort of stew to make head or tail,and guess how it’s cooked…boil, boil, booooooooil water + flour….but I have to agree with you about them ruining our High School life.

  44. jamanen am e taita and am craizy bwt mukimo the whole story is tribal ndugu yangu kuja nkupeleke base ya mukimo tamu labda ulipikiwa nam tribe yako hahaha

  45. Lazy writing just to shock and insult. Any child can insult. How do you even call boiling maize flour more creative than boiling maize and beans????

  46. Mûndû ûtoumagaraga oî no nyina ûûî gûkima irio,simply meaning ignorance is bliss. In Gikuyu land,what this writer is referring to is not even mukimo,its called ‘mataha’.Mukimo is prepared in more than ten ways, the most delicious is a mixture of steamed mashed ripe bananas and njahi and its brown in colour. The common mukimo in my hometown of Nyeri is made from githeri,potatoes and steamed stinging nettles(hatha) or kanyuria,kahurura,mabaki. The mukimo this ignorant writer is talking about must be the one he’s eaten at kawangware that is a mixture of maize,beans boiled in ile chumvi ya ng’ombe mashed in unmatured potatoes with food colour for vegetables.

    1. I invite you to sample Mama Wairimu’s stall at Kawangware market and you will change your mind about Kawangware’s mukimo. That and her traditional uji made from naturally fermented sorghum.

  47. Wah…you’ve really cracked me up. You’ve had bad experiences for sure. I’m with Mwangi – I’m hungry thanks to the thought of mukimo and githeri. But I’m with you on tumbukiza – it looks bad and I’ve totally refused to eat it. But I hear its good for nursing hanging overs – go figure.

  48. you are so petty and such an attention seeker..tribal even.whichever cheap street vender sold you her mukimo for 10 shillings and with her meal not meeting your expectations must have really disappointed you.kuja nikupikia tumbukiza with mukimo and youll never utter such crap again

  49. Nothing beats mukimo bruh…..if we had tyranny of numbers in food then guess what meal would top that FOOD chain…..MuKimo!!!!

  50. Too hilarious, I thought of my mom when reading this, that woman cannot cook to save her life. Even beef is boiled, some tomatoes and onions thrown in together with golden fry, and BAM! dinner is ready. And mukimo is the worst, khaaa

  51. aki si nimecheka. Am kuyo and not offended. Period. so to make up for tasteless meals, I have a luo/lunje housemanager. Wacha tu tuseme, Ugali and chapo days are my favourite. Yaani I even learnt how to eat omena 🙂

  52. i bet there is some traces of artistic, nutritional value and balanced diet in mukimo than any other african food i’ve come across.

  53. I’m a Shiru kitu ya kwanza, my Luhya boyfriend says my ugali is absolutely amazing kitu ya pili, githeri and mukimo are the best things that could ever happen to mankind looooove them kitu ya tatu!!!

  54. hmm!! hows this funny? first the kikuyus get their name from gikuyu the man who married mumbi that matria rchal story is INCORRECT get your facts right .wangu was a chief.and an intresting one. thats why shes still talked about.second and most importantly how is the president the military etc related to an unsavoury mukimo dish youv eaten????
    FYI God made us different our cultures,how we do things our palates cant all be the same,i personally crave for is amazing how someone can write a piece on a culture he clearly doesnt get

  55. Where are you from and could you please tell us of your cultural food that surpasses Mukimo. This is the food that makes Kikuyus more superior and I bet nobody begs you to like it never mind eating it.

  56. i think you are wrong about Kikuyu food. Mukimo in the past was made from a range of legumes and not just maize,beans and potatoes. there were njahi and cow peas which make really good mukimo. The traditional kikuyu roast meat and mutura was really delicious. you really need to sample some of this and even some meat that was marinated in honey before being cooked. To sample all these delicacies then dont ask a chic who was born and raised in tao to make for you coz they have no clue.

  57. The comments are funnier than the post. Giving it great justification. Nyanchwani next talk about the terrible results you Kisiis have and terrible temper and lack of respect for women. Nyakemincha is a good starting ground.

  58. I really get upset at how some people catch feelings over such posts. when shall they ever learn that this is for entertainment, let loose and laugh!!
    I’m kyuk and this was an awesome post

  59. You know, I’ve always to put it bluntly like this. Mukimo is terrible food. Some of the worst weddings I have attended are those of the Agilkuyu, where they serve mukimo and njahe. Why on earth do people choose to make a wedding such a painful affair!?

  60. Weh…Si I’m sorry…you’ve been eating the fake mukimo that is now everywhere….and your githeri experience is that of high school….pole sana.
    There is more to it and maybe one day you’ll get the real deal.

  61. This article has enraged me!!How can a writer purpot to know so much about kikuyu food and call mukimo ‘The Kikuyu dish’.It from an ignorant person who does not have even an iota of knowledge of our culture but instead flaunts all his stupidity.Let me edudate you on several things about the kikuyu dishes.Our prime dish is called ‘irio’.Secondly that mukimo you described is not kikuyu’s.Our mukimo has to have either ‘njugu cia gikuyu’ or beans.And trust me,a dish of these when done well,you’d eat daily.So when you boast of a tasteless mixture of corn flour and water,kikuyus have a wiiiiide variety of dishes.Who invented ‘mutura’?Tell me what it is called in any other Kenyan language?Next time before you put down something in writing,getvsome basic knowledge.

  62. This article has enraged me!!How can a writer purpot to know so much about kikuyu food and call mukimo ‘The Kikuyu dish’.It from an ignorant person who does not have even an iota of knowledge of our culture but instead flaunts all his stupidity.Let me edudate you on several things about the kikuyu dishes.Our prime dish is called ‘irio’.Secondly that mukimo you described is not kikuyu’s.Our mukimo has to have either ‘njugu cia gikuyu’ or beans.And trust me,a dish of these when done well,you’d eat daily.So when you boast of a tasteless mixture of corn flour and water,kikuyus have a wiiiiide variety of dishes.Who invented ‘mutura’?Tell me what it is called in any other Kenyan language?Next time before you put down something in writing,get some basic knowledge.

  63. My arms are still weak, that’s how hard I’ve laughed! Great article. You are dead on point about the njahi -loam soil even tastes better than those beans.

  64. Riitwa riakwa ni Gicheha wa Mwangi na maitu nioi ati Mukimo na Njahi ona ciri irio cia unduire witu ndurite ndi cimenete oo-kuma rira ndemenyire.
    My name is Gicheha son of Mwangi (a bloodline of Kikuyus) and my mother knows that despite the fact that Mukimo and Njahi are cultural food to the Kikuyus, I have always hated them since I gained complete free will.

  65. Simply you cut 2 kilograms of beef steak, deep it in salted water and let it boil, boil,boil, booooooooil. At some point bring a 2 kilogram cabbage or 20 leaves of uncut spinach and throw in. Serve while hot…….hahahaha.. haki wewe nyanchwani…nimekusamehe. I like the creativity.

    1. Kenyans arguing over who has better food is like pygmies arguing about who is the tallest. Basically all Kenyan food is rubbish. Please come to West Africa if you want to enjoy heavenly culinary delights. Tsk!

  66. Sasa unataka tufunge biashara tukachemshe kila kitu kando kando. Si yote inaenda kwa tumbo moja. Si yote itaenda kwa shoo. Mukimo iko na starch, protein na vitamins. Where else do you find one meal with all three? Then, pia tuambie hao wa Western wenye wanajua kupika wako na biashara ngapi zimesimama? Kikuyu is an enterprise bora ushibe. Mluhya anakula kuku na ni watchman wa duka yangu, mjaluo ndio my doctor na coast me ndio naendaga holiday. Kikuyus fund your stylish feeding habits.

  67. Correction we dont put coconut oil in beans we add coconut milk to it, one more thng njoo mombasani nikutengezee mukimo clearly whoever made ur mukimo dint know what they were doing

  68. i love this article. I really cant stand food kikuyu food. I inwardly groan every time I attend a kikuyu function and find they have spent so much money on food this is soooo bland and plain boring. That stew that always has peas and carrots and pieces of beef floating in flood of soup is a total disgrace. Am sure we can do better…..but Re-invent yourselves Kikuyus – because you can.

  69. Shanganya shaganya kira kitu huko dani ya thufuria arafu ogesea maji na uweke kwa mwaki ishemuke!

    There’s pilau njeri that is served at their weddings! hehehehee

  70. It is unfortunate that we Kikuyus are blamed for all the wrong things that are happening to any Kenyan. Mukimo, githeri etc is our delicacy and we love them. No one has forced you to eat the “Kikuyu” foods. How can you say that your article is about mukimo when it reeks of tribal innuendos. You insult us stating that we lack culture, what is cultural about boiling water put in some maize flour and make a bland paste out it, that has no colour or taste. My mukimo is a complete meal in itself. I know how to cook your so called foods do you know how to cook mine. Get your facts right before you banter about things you have no knowledge off. One good thing I think you have gotten the hits.

  71. Silas, hahahahahaha. I like you. This is a sentiment I share. Wait until u are given pork n cabbage stew with soup.
    Ala, I have never been so shocked n it’s nothing personal. Forget about the haters our people have culinary challenges.

  72. When all I do is write, all I know is how to write, and all my life is in the written word, and I smiled all the way down your commentary, then trust me when I say, you’re really good. I don’t care a minute about culinary skills and or delight, what really impressed me was your approach. Making so many tribal assumptions, sensitive highlights and oftentimes ridiculous assessments, and then making all these ingredients of such a lovely piece, is a work of art. And for that, you damn good.

  73. Compared to your previous articles, you must have had a mega bout of writer’s block when you wrote this article… A bit biased but it made me laugh.. But you really got to taste a well prepared dish of mukimo…u’ll never look back

  74. You lack material information. ……enda Utali College Ukasomeshwe kupika mukimo…it’s when you’ll know, it’s not lazy village food..

  75. This article is quite funny. A few choice truths, a few misses – but it is one person’s opinion. Guys need to stop taking things so seriously, and just have a laugh!

  76. Pwa ha ha !!. I’m thoroughly tickled. You have not tasted my mukimo made with fresh peas, green maize and fried with leeks or green onions, accompanied by very tasty beef stew. Finger licking I tell you…

  77. Hehehehehe, nyc humorous article and this a Kyuk admitting dat. partly true but u got some things wrong: 1: mukimo made of the Kyuk beans (njahi) n almost sweet bananas is delicious 2: we do put potatoes in ugali (nguja gutu a la bent ears) 3: we have the best roast goat, peroid, maasai kando 4: Kalenjins cook worse ugali than us. Boom!!!

  78. It is true. Kikuyus are culinarily challenged! Funny enough, even in those posh gated homes with dogs and servants, you still get served pilau Njeri, stew ya waru-peas-carrot-courgette-biriganya-dhania-hoho-mishiri-garlic-burnt onion doused in 1 litre of water (supu mrefu) and 2 Royco cubes. Royco is the only condiment a real Kikuyu woman knows. Looollllllll! Truth be told.

  79. To say that kikuyus are lazy and the least creative when it comes to food is a bit harsh and short sighted, have you ever tasted their mutura? This is a delicacy that is loved by most kenyans regardless of tribe or political inclination, and I’m sure its preparation requires more skill and creativity compared to ugali.

  80. Hahahahaha you need some serious whipping Nyanchwani for talking ill of our most treasured traditional food. It was commonly known as irio and so many wannabes are making some weird combination of i-donno-what and labeling it mukimo. But I get the post, its for entertainment, I was thoroughly tickled.

  81. ….. It is true. Kikuyus are culinarily challenged! Funny enough, even in those posh gated homes with dogs and servants, you still get served pilau Njeri, stew ya waru-peas-carrot-courgette-biriganya-dhania-hoho-mishiri-garlic-burnt onion doused in 1 litre of water (supu mrefu) and 2 Royco cubes. Royco is the only condiment a real Kikuyu woman knows. Looollllllll! Truth be told.

  82. Silas this was really good ish. there is nothing tribal about it probably because i know you and that ur just making fun..lakini all in all whether we accept it or not we kikuyus are culinary skills challenged..not me though! #justsaying 😉 .Heheheheheh

  83. The Kikuyu have a saying that ‘mũrĩo ũninaga magego’ – too much ‘sweet’ will destroy your teeth.
    From the olden days, the Kikuyu were a mixed farming community. Their diet was mainly from agricultural produce (Thoroko-cowpeas, Ndengu, Noe, Njugu-pigeon peas, Njahi). This explains the obsession with boiling everything – Guilty as Charged. Njahi are prized as a nutritious food for nursing mothers even today. People tell a nursing mother that ‘ninguka kuria njahi’ – I will come to eat Njahi, the real meaning being that I will soon come to see the new baby.

    The Kikuyu were forbidden from eating wild animals. It was also taboo to eat birds like chicken and ducks (Lets not even go to Fish)
    Today, when my Shosh gets word that I will be visiting, she goes to the Kianda – a low lying water flooded part of the farm to get Nduma and Gikwa (Yam)
    If Githeri ruined your High School life, you should have moved to the Coast where “Wali wa Daku” would have been the main dish or gone to some “International School” where Pizzas are served like Mandazi.
    That said, Mr Nyanchwani has probably interacted with Kikuyus from Kawangware and Dandora who know nothing about the culture. He should first taste traditional fermented uji made of Mwere (Bullrush Millet), Ugimbi (Finger Millet) or Muhia (Sorghum).
    Tomorrow, I’l still have boiled Ngwaci and Nduma for breakfast and nutricious Mukimo for Lunch.
    Boiling is part of the Kikuyu. Frying, baking, grilling etc are European, we as Kenyans are becoming more European than the Europeans themselves. On a lighter note, the Kikuyu in me should start a Cooking School – Good Business.

    Bottomline – Mr Nyanchwani (No doubt a good writer) should stick to penning relationship columns and stay away from anything culinary!!

  84. The problem I have with Kenyans is stereotyping. It’s archaic and misinformed as most of the lies in this blog. As a Kikuyu I enjoy food, I cook with spices, my ugali rocks and anything I make (not just Kenyan delicacies) is finger liking good. I come from a Kikuyu family that not only enjoys cooking but savors their meals. You might be surprised to learn there are many more Kikuyus where we came from. Not sure who your so called Kikuyu friends are and how you haven’t met one that will make you delicious food. My qualm is how your piece is tasteless and extremely misinformed. Then again, it is YOUR opinion in a sea of many 🙂

  85. Mukimo is not any more bland than ugali, so if its about a dish that could be boiled and ‘mashed’ mukimo is the answer to ugali, what you want to do with the two after they are made is where your creativity comes in. Kiuks like to mash things together, particularly their own produce Luos like to fry their fish, same difference. Njahi mashed with ripe bananas is a delicacy which I rather enjoy – again you chose what to eat it with. I also love ‘ucuru wa gukio’ ‘thufu wa gukio’ which is an art, and it shows someone thought a little about making a meal. How about mutura? The thing is eaten all over Kenya, but most people only know it by it’s kikuyu name – did you say kikuyus didnt give a national dish? Since you have chosen to go down the road of making it a kikuyu issue, I will play the kikuyu card and tell you they cannot be expected to think of everything. For the record, the only people who can really cook a delicious meal that shows creativity, artistry and have signature dishes are coasterians. I don’t think they are cooking any better in ukambani [muthokoi – which is just a glorified githeri], nyanza [fish…dont they just fry the thing?] or western [ugali] – so the problem is not kikuyus [food] per se, its you.

  86. Lol I like writers like you who are so daring 🙂 am a kikuyu, I don’t like mukimo too but am also addicted to foods like rice…I can’t think of a week I didn’t eat rice. I think am on a league of my own all together. Am not afraid to try many other tasty dishes out there…. From, cottage pies, lasagne, risotto, fajita…name it. Well done you!!

  87. Have you had Mukimo seasoned with fried onions ? Same with mashed njahe ? Good stuff ! I have to agree, we are hesitant when it comes to seasoning, sticking to tried and true recipes passed down from generations. How do Kikuyus make fish ? Tell us what you think about that LOL ! I will tell you now, I have a recipe for Whole Tilapia that makes my man swear ” Until death do us part ” every Friday ! Accompanied with Jollof rice, and sauteed spinach which tastes even better the next day ;- Two hours of marinating, peeling, chopping, seasoning, baking, but the result is worth it, absolutely delicious !!!

  88. Quite hilarious article that seems to have stirred the hornets nest. I respect your views on Mukimo- though I don’t agree with them. I’m certain if an opinion poll was to be conducted, most Kenyans, maybe 90% would give our good old mukimo thumbs up. This is because it’s almost on every menu in local hotels and I always see many people ordering for it. Personally I love Mukimo, but….it must be well prepared, fried in cooking oil and onions with just enough pili-pili. It must them be served on a large plate, next to beef or chicken stew, rice, veggies and avocado on the side! Waah.. Just picture all that nicely served on a single plate and you will start salivating. Perhaps you need to try that, don’t just feed on Mukimo only, fry it and serve as stated. Or simply eat it in the morning with a cup of tea for breakfast and you won’t need to waste money on lunch. Good day!

  89. Hahahahahah! Awesome piece!! Best thing I have read all day!! Gave me a good tickle and I loved it. If you get well prepared mukimo, wacha ya restaurant. You will enjoy, I promise!!

    At home the potatoes are boiled separately by the way. Its especially good if you get the right kind of Onions and fry in a pan a bit after mashing. Kuja kwetu uone usani and enjoy. Keep this up boss!

    By the way Luos eat githeri too, they call it Nyoyo, I think 😉

  90. Mwananchi call a spade a spade not a big spoon.
    You have beef with mu~ndu wa nyu~mba stop victimizing our mokimo…this article will not change how the mukimo is cooked bado ni chakula and very healthy mwananchi.
    This country has bigger problems than mokimo try a more influencing article and make some change.
    God bless you.

  91. Nice read by the way however, Mukimo is very delicious and can be eaten plain depending on how you prepare it. If the taste is too plain for you, you can treat is as an accompaniment and mix it with some delicious beef or chicken stew. The same way Ugali tastes plain and therefore has to be accompanied by either fish, chicken, beef e.t.c.

  92. i will not mince my words.. “they really really don’t know how to cook….” it doesn’t even make sense.. it should be one of the wonders of the world.. and yes im married to a kikuyu and i work late everyday so that i can have takeout at the office…

  93. I am a Kikuyu and you are so Right on Tumbukiza. About Mukimo ur Dead wrong. Its just the way you like Ugali. We love our Mukimo! Period! Try my Moms and you will Love the Dish.
    Now, i am off to Njugunas for a Tumbukiza!

  94. An exciting but misguided article. Mukimo is just not made of “githeri and beans, or njahi.” It is a mixture of maize, njugu(note not peanuts), beans and/or njahi, arrow root leaves and/or pumpkin leaves, bananas(ripe) and/potatoes. Served with fried beef and steamed cabbages.
    Then how indifferent is your explanation of mikimo being a lazy meal different from matoke? I have had both kisii and ugandan version.

  95. Hahahaha….am in tears….my ribs hurt!! am still stuck at the theories of why we Kikuyus are bad with our cooking. You know what I would love to disagree with you and defend my tribesmen but on this one, I cant…at least to a large extent. However, I must point out that my mother makes the best mukimo ever. She does more than just boil it. But I agree with you that we are not reputed for the best culinary skills. Anyhow, a good laugh…it has made my day!

  96. Puhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah i love this.sooooooooooo true the art of cooking is not their thing.Well done Mr write i sooooooo hate that njahi or whatever they call it with passion,wat a tasteless food.Another thing is u go to party and the serve a buffe pilau, matumbo, and their tasteless vegetables.I better starve than eating that lazy meal again.
    I love your article post more dear.

    1. Puhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah i love this.sooooooooooo true the art of cooking is not their thing.Well done Mr writer i sooooooo hate that njahi or whatever they call it with passion,wat a tasteless food.Another thing is u go to party and the serve a buffe pilau, matumbo, and their tasteless vegetables.I better starve than eating that lazy meal again.
      I love your article post more dear.

  97. Aki I have cheka’d sooooooo much! You have a great sense of humor. My dear, niko na business in Amsterdam,making Kenyan dishes for our Dutch community..they love it…including..yeeeeeee….MUKIMO!!! See ama I serve it regularly…And gather, and ugali, and chap, and all those delicious Kenyan foods. Mukimo is actually on the menu again this weekend for two different events…Sato na Sunday.

  98. I unfortunately do find the first paragraph to be full of negative ethnicity. Some of the other paragraphs also lean to hate of the community. The first paragraph, under the guise of “I don’t care” delivers a scathing stereotype that is used by many to express a distaste with the Kikuyu; that the Kikuyu control everything. The sentiments about Wangu wa Makeri, light skin, lack of heritage, “cavalier attitude to things that matter” among others have nothing to do with food but with stereotypes that are used to hate and denigrate the Kikuyu.

    It is such a pity because there is some excellent humor in here. But it is laced with hate, intentionally or not, so I just find it offensive.

  99. I think the Mukimo I eat is very different, home-cooked, and its delicious, soft and satiating. The issue may be that there are so many types of Mukimo that it is unfair to condemn all Mukimo.

    Last Christmas my neighbours invited us for lunch and the Mukimo was so delicious it has become, as a matter of fact, my new benchmark against any other Mukimo I eat be it at home or in restaurants. In fact, we devoured the said Mukimo with Nyama Choma and to this day I still recall how delicious it was, and mind you I am a 30 year old man.

  100. haha i just love how you took something so insignificant and made it into a big ass topic. And you wonder why kikuyus are more successful than the rest of you. They don’t have time for such miniscule things. Too busy being bosses while you eat and cry about mukimo. Mukimo???? really???? Next time pick something more trivial.

  101. Wewe githii.. this is where u pple get it wrong. Mukimo is never meant to be taken as a dish by itself u morons!! ..u need meat, beef stew, vegies & some garnish.. Its like eating ugali & complaining how tasteless it is.. at least Mukimo is more creative & better than a maize meal aka ugali … silly kisii

  102. Some guys are taking it way to seriously. Truth be told the mentioned foods are not the most nutritious and personally I detest how potatoes are cooked together with other foods but that’s just me. I’m of the school of thought that says..we live to eat and so care taken to to infuse various flavours to the main dish while some are left to be prepared and served separately is important, however long it takes to achieve this.
    And mukimo is not poached its boiled.Poaching is cooking in water at a very low temp and is best for very delicate foods like eggs or fish. Tell me, if reduce heat, when do you think the maize will cook?

  103. I am Kikuyu to the roots and I just enjoyed reading this blog. You couldnt have said it better. But you did miss the nyama choma mbuzi which we also like to occasion on every event. I like intelligent criticism and can obviously see those who cannot take a dry humored joke.
    Keep them coming.

  104. Hahahahaaaaaa…….Be proud of your own culture………achana na ya wengine if you dont like it. Mukimo is not only what you have stated it also comes with different recipes. Wacha kujifanya “nyamenya”. But you have an interesting story broda.

  105. I enjoy mukimo more than anything else. The pre-prepared githeri is rich in protein and starch, the greens give vitamins, the waru make it all the more owesome. That you glorify ugali, whose recipe is boil water, pour maize flour koroga and serve, buffles me. I have seen kids with kwarshiakor in western after being fed on ugali and strong tea day in day out, you wont find this in mukimo eaters. In short I find the piece above to be in bad taste full of nauseiating stereotyping and deficient on facts. For instant the kikuyus had a wealth of dishes, do your home work on rukuri, ikwa, nduma, ngwaci, ucuru wa mukio, ngunja gutu, nyama cia hihio, waru cia njino, uki, njenga cia mukio, mukimwa wa marigu, mutura, irio, mukimo, mukurugucu, ndundiro etc etc

  106. DUDEEEE…Like what the f? n u guys wonder how we got 2 the top of tha food chain in govt, elite class n all branches superior…well along the way we gv up being pigs (alwez thinkin bout food,u glattons ought 2 b ashamed of uaselves) n we substituted that love 4 eatin y’all hang 2 with a mo worth while material; mbesha!

  107. Don’t know where you got the notion that Kisii invented ugali, a plain tastless meal. Kisii have matoke, a plain mashed banana meal. compare those two meals with healthy mukimo???

  108. This isn’t about mukimo or any kikuyu food. Your bitterness against kikuyus is dressed for the menu. My friend, hating on a community will not make you a successful blogger

    1. Yeah,they do that these days. Its all.a popularity gimmick. Hate on kikuyus online, since they really dont care being an ethnic punching bag, and you’ll have such a huge following of like minded sorry fans, and hurrah!! U famous!

  109. Hahahahahaha dead. Very funny. You’ve unleashed quite a number of writers and comedians in the comments section. Their comments are just funny, but the article surpasses them. I used to cry every time my mum forced me to eat the Mukimo she had cooked (It was and still is TERRIBLE). My Shosh’s Mukimo was and still is; at almost 90 yrs old, delicious and yummy. Keep writing, I enjoyed your article.

  110. The bottom line is Kikuyus are bad when it comes to cooking.
    We all know that kwa hivyo kubalnii ukweli mambo yaishe tu.
    hamjui hamjui hamjui kupika wenzanguni…….Nendeni coast mkafunze pamoja na kitchen party.Mambo mambooo na muathane na tumbukiza zenu na vyakula vya maajabu.Sisemi kwa ubaya lakini. ha ha ha yoooooooomi.

    1. Last time i checked, the prepartion is quite a task. The boiling needs a lot of time and attention as the beans take longer to boil, plus with the mashing you have to break a sweat when doing so. This is Zinjanthropus mentality for the writer to think of pizza as abetter meal which kikuyus should be banned from eating. Anyway, kikuyus will forver be disliked and get blamed for every failure of the country, but as the law of attraction does, the more you dislike someone, the more he/she suceeds so keep em’ coming.
      All in all 1Corithians 6.13. Food is for the stomach and stomach is for the food and God shall destroy them both.
      In conclusion, we are all exposed to the same calamities in this life regardless of your food tasting better than your neighbors.

  111. The stereotype of the place from this author hails is lazy. Maybe you were perceived to be lazy and so treated? This is funny.

  112. its true kikuyus cook terrible meals,they mix every thing that they can think of,they dont take time to prepare a decent presentable meal,they eat poorly in every dingy place you can find,sio nyama choma kwa street,mutura….they even dont mind to keep fit.and even have good shape.

  113. I love every bit of the post. Kikuyu food sometimes sucks, especially the cabbage thing. As for tumbukiza, it was originally a way of cooking meat without the fatty fancy parts, haven’t u ever wanted to consume some meat without the fancy fancy things?????. As for Githeri, remember the donations from America during the nyayo era (if u dont knw u can ask around), during the drought times, we would receive maize and beans, no cooking oil no nothing, it was survival my friend. Anyway, I love the prose

  114. My brother, there is a bad spirit behind your article. It agitates and is divisive though it is also funny. There are bits of truth. Food are some of the cultural hurdles that we have to overcome when living or loving inter culturally. I am Kikuyu, and just like not all ugali is good, not all mukimo is good but I personally like a version of the green mukimo made with butter beans. All practices are passed on so food is cultural even for the Kikuyu. Not every man is an Ugali eater, my Dad for example eats but doesn’t like Ugali. He is happier eating a plate of Njahi (black beans) Githeri nicely fried or a plate of chips nice and crispy or a plate of Mukimo (there is some so tasty you can eat on it’s own like the Butter beans one with some friend onions mixed in). A Nigerian could have written about the bland Kenyan food – no pepper. They and we could write the same about English food for example. A Chinese or Japanese could write a similar article about other people’s food. It’s a mistake to assume that your tongue is the perfect judge of taste for all Kenyans. We are different culturally and it may be hard to adapt to different tastes especially in marriage but that is one of the hurdles but it’s not impossible to bridge. People learn and adapt.

  115. Senseless article I must say..Mukimo is so nutritious.. FYI every boiled food is so healthy.. I would prefer boiled everything even the tumbukiza u referring fried’s then that I will always live happily the hospital door will be s no go zone..

  116. hilarious as FUCK …. despite that compliment you should know Mukimo is npt prepared to be taken on its own, that would be a disaster. lazima uweke nyama, kachubari etc. its only lazy for those who make Mukimo and cut some tomatoes. Love my mukimo any day. about the Omena i concur with you 100%

  117. i cant stop laughing at the precision of this article.. tht tumbukiza thing with huge cabbages so true. plus stew made up of carrots potatoes courgettes, hoho, and tiny bits of meat…am seeing the humour in this article..Proud kikuyu

  118. I am a kikuyu married to a Nigerian and after eating all the delicious soups that are part of their cuisine, I must admit I was ashamed when I took him home and everything had been boiled to death. Why lie guys? Don’t take it personally. There are many things that we kyuks do right, but our traditional cooking is bland to put it mildly

  119. Pwahahaaaaaaa!Lord!Such passion!I enjoyed reading this one!Mùkimo is starch.Like Ugali or Rice.We make it to be eaten with stew and veges,or whatever we please.Oh,and you have the recipé wrong.We do not boil,we use very little water,virtually like steaming.Plus matters preparation and all,it takes longer to prepare mùkimo,and cook it….than it does ugali,that y’all invented.I think your piece is hilarious,just back up your next one with as many facts for,as those against the next ‘Kikuyu’ cultural aspect you intend to hate on :-))) I am liberal,my culture is something I adore,my tribe is something I am proud of,but I am not solely bound by it,as a person.Above all this,I am Kenyan.I sure hope this country one day gets to place where to joke about tribes,is taken as just that…humour.

    ps:It was a good read.All that passion though?Tell that Kikuyu girl.I am a chèf,some of us need none of this,but the one that made you bad Mùkimo,tell her,in person.

  120. Congratulations to everyone who finds this hilarious especially the kiuks. If you find this article offensive, try and not take such stuff too seriously, its just a blog, it wont change a thing in your life, stop catching feelings.

  121. Weh ni hater tu, nimekula kwa aunty yangu na kama relationship inaeza work on the basis of food alone hao hawaachani. So hauongelei watu wa Western tafadhali propaganda tu ndo unaeneza. Tumbukiza imepikwa na mtu anajua ni tamu kabisa na dondero ni wazimu.

  122. Mukimo is fat free. boiled meat is better than NYama shoma. IF you don’t like Kikuyu food don’t eat it . This is not about food it is about triblism . leave us in peace we do not need your cookery lessons we love our mukimo for ever

  123. Ooooooh i have laughed so hard at how true this is – busted!!

    Now, I agree we boooooooil!!! but really, who’s got that much time in their hands to make a meal that takes hours IN PREPARATION ONLY!!!

    nutritionists and dieticians insist on a ‘balanced diet’ so there u have it – Mukimo has the whites, greens n browns in one pot. So you will never hear us give excuses that we can’t serve a HEALTHY balanced meal with the little available minutes!!

    one thing u forgot, our love for water (read:soup). we know how to stretch the meals!!!

    another thing, ugali is not so exquisite either – fyi! “how do u make ugali? it’s just water and maize flour – yeah notiiiing special about that! Not until you have it with soup ya waruu -hehehe

    For that paperful of chips, Shiro just wants to remind the ‘westerner’ of his cousins now n then. Again as I mentioned not enough time in the world so we all have to find ways to ‘increase time’ therefore picking the paperful increases Shiru’s day by 1 or 2hrs (not sure of the exact duration it takes to prepare the supposed tasty meals u insist on)

    Githeri/boiling is a Multitasking delight period!!

    Let me know when we can discuss chisaga and managu leaves!!!!

  124. Hehehe, I am delighted to see how you people know kikuyu food. We actually dont know your foods, leav our food, period! Chef

  125. you are one of the reasons i would never date any other tribe….how does positions of power relate to kitchen stuff,?i shld prepare a meak for you and you will be shocked.scumbag i cook real food for my man not chips or waru in every meal….nkt!!!!

  126. U missed the point here,u call Kikuyus lazy n that’s far from the truth.this cooking style was invented in early days during drought period n women were coming up with this creative ideas of feeding a large family on small amout of food hence adding potatoes to maize flour, adding green leaves n potatoes to maize to make mukimo or making tumbukiza so that everybody can have a taste of meat surely there many variations of making those meals nowadays . So don’t. U dare call us lazy!

  127. I’m Kikuyu and I absolutely hate ‘Kikuyu’ (read githeri, njahi, boiled cabbage etc) food. I love mukimo though! 🙂 I think the article was filled with fallacies but I still enjoyed it because I completely share the dislike for Kikuyu food with you. I was laughing pretty much all through!

  128. hi,am a mukimo lover and have been told that alot a about how boring it is because of boiling,boiled food can be abit boring even if its what tradition embraced before,have you tried fried mukimo? its actually quite good…you shd try it:
    after the boiling process prepare onions n heat the oil in a cooking pan,make sure the onions are golden brown then add one full beef chilli cube for a serving of 5 people and some garlic and paprika(i love pepper so i add some in,you can try cayenne just abit),add the boiled mukimo and cook for about 15 minutes.
    enjoy your mukimo.

  129. hi,am a mukimo lover and have been told that alot a about how boring it is because of boiling,boiled food can be abit boring even if its what tradition embraced before,i love me some good old mukimo but you can actually spice things up! :-),have you tried fried mukimo? its actually quite good…you shd try it:
    after the boiling process prepare onions n heat the oil in a cooking pan,make sure the onions are golden brown then add one full beef chilli cube for a serving of 5 people and some garlic and paprika(i love pepper so i add some in,you can try cayenne just abit),add the boiled mukimo and cook for about 15 minutes.
    enjoy your mukimo.
    ps:your article is abit harsh though hehe…but then again its your opinion,which i respect.

  130. I love the humour and use of language in this article. The fact that you have managed to stir up both positive and negative reactions from your audience shows that you are a brave writer. I look forward to reading more of your articles.

  131. as a kikuyu who can cook really well, and also one who knows how and where to use spices. One who can make you finger-licking mokimo, and also as one who doesnt ‘throw everything in the pot’. I am not even offended by this post. Rather just gutted by how ignorant and stereotypic you are.

  132. I do not entertain Mukimo ‘since mimi ni digital’. But your argument is arid and lacks warmth. More so, it lacks fertility and insight. Refer to your background and talk about any Kisii ‘delicacy’ that has seen the light of day.
    I read somewhere that Sam Ongeri stole land that was meant for the local market (Obiter Dicter).

  133. Obviously your article has garnered mixed reactions from haters and lovers alike. You are entitled to your opinion but if the intent of this article was geared towards comedy, you have failed miserably. Yes, there are those that have taken it lightly, and there are those that have felt insulted. That said, refrain from bringing political innuendo into your satirical performances and you will garner a more mellow audience, ready to debate the issue/satire at hand or enjoy a good reading without feeling some kind of way.

  134. Rosemary chicken………… Oven broiled salmon with tumeric and paprika……… Basil and terragon beef………….. australian brown rice with beans…………. fried mutore with cinammon……. sorghum- millet- blue cornmeal porridge…………. almond flour cake, cup cakes, muffins. na wauga agikuyu tutiui kuruga????

  135. Kikuyus are Jews. Everything about them, from bad Food, to their theology on God, to their love of money, to their matriarchy, totally Jewish.
    If you ever hear their traditional prayers, you would think you were in a synagogue, that includes the single color animal sacrifice.
    Think about this, a Kikuyu will keep goats but have a few sheep for sacrifice, because God does not like goats? No.. But because the God of Abraham likes Sheep.

  136. How can you forget roasting?
    Just take a sweet potato, green banana, maize cob or cassava,
    Stick it in the hearth, go away, come back later,
    Remove it, peel it and indulge.

    …..drum roll ……………

    We are talking about goat ribs, legss, hands, mutura e.t.c.
    We have our national delicacy right there
    We are par of the national culinary culture

    How about thufu i.e. soup
    Dump the burnt goat head, hooves, pancreas e.t.c. into a pot of water
    Put on the fire, go away, come back later,
    Shake to emulsify and indulge.

    What’s not to love???
    The food itself and the fact that for most recipes
    You get to go away, do something else and come back later

  137. Nice article, am a kiuk and could agree on most of the points. Its not about tribe its true our cooking is bad…and njahi who decided they should food anyway?

  138. I totally agree with this. My mum never understands why I boil everything separately first. Waste of time to her. But it does make a difference. N the spices…..heaven!!!! But to my traditional mother……diabetes diabetes diabetes

  139. Regardless of your thoughts, mukimo is and incredibly delicious meal especially when coupled with some beef stew and i can take it anytime.

  140. Trying to attach creativity to ugali…well, am not sure how successful that can ever be, but good luck. And to make matters worse, the culinary genius of Kisiis,according to the writer, ended with that “super invention” called ugali! Never mind that he goes on to claim the creative culinary superiority of the kisii over the kikuyu…because of ugali!! Just lame & ethnicly inclined. Not funny…no, not funny.

  141. ones mans treasure is another mans trash…clearly Mukimo to you is trash! so stick to matoke! what I can give you marks for is making me laugh out of your ignorance…

  142. Haha this is jst to make it more worse,we actually found a way of put potatoes in ugali.oh and ugali is eating with milk.

  143. When it comes to food preparation we the Kikuyus have the poorest culinary skills. I actually do love Mukimo and Githeri but when it comes to everything being boiled in the same pot, like having a ‘stew’ made of beef, potatoes, peas, cabbage, carrots, french beans and a lot of water in the name of soup, dont serve me that and expect me to enjoy the food. speaking of mashing potatoes into Ugali, it has been done (this is a meal that has its origin back in the hunger season that happened during the maumau Era, the only foods available then were, Maize, the very tiny potatoes, pumpkins and cassava) but why someone cook it now beats me?
    With all that said, Ugali should not feature when talking of creative dishes, really its just water and corn flour.

  144. mukimo is not a lazy food but ugali is.To prepair mukimo u need atleast 2hours while ugali takes 20minutes vagetables included.

  145. Point of correction, Ugali was invented by Teso’s and not Kisii’s. They are the experts in both the ‘brown’ and ‘white’ versions. Nice post though, very true.

  146. Those catching feelings have never been served stew with meat, carrots, peas, potatoes, cabbages and a bloody cob of maize, all cooked together. MAIZE COB for fucks sake!!!

  147. i know of a market in downtown where all the hotels av kikuyu cooks en if ask for ugali and beef stew ul suprised at what they will serve u with meat mixed with carrot,cabbages and alot of soup yenye haina taste but as for the mukimo it all depends with the cook.

  148. Your article is good, nice stuff to enjoy on a cross cultural friendly discussion but we shud all hold other people’s cultures in esteem and respect. I really loved reading it coz ur twist of words is quite funny. Good stuff but don’t take it too serious man. The truth is, Kikuyus have some of the best cooks av known, my wife’s mukimo is my best delicacy, nothing like just boiling a mixture of ingredients. I don’t like that brown ugali made by Kisii’s at aaaallllll but every tym they make it, I enjoy the cultural attachment that goes with it. But you are very funny and i would love to read ur article again.

  149. hahahaaa.. this is hate speech!! for your info, i like pizza.. had some this morning 🙂
    plus i doubt your planned exchange program with our women.. you’re sure it’s not to get the ‘light skins’??

  150. so what culinary delight has come from your community? Ugali?? WTF? you call overcooked porridge a culinary delight. You need to get laid in my opinion because it will help you chill out and think straight. Your venting is focusing on an unimportant issue. Leave my sisters alone. Why don’t you vent about ebola or some isht like that? Which kikuyu girl dumped you?

  151. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahaha this is so on point…. its called being greedy to want all cultures’ foods be made to one. Gesture is good- i mean to unite cultures, but mixing that in food, and adding the “potato” catalyst….. naaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa….. this is creating the evil good… hahaha #GoodPeople_BadFoodCombi

  152. Good piece… But I need to walk all the way from Wangige in my leather jacket and safari boots, find your black @$$ and kick you hard in the nuts on behalf of my beautiful sisters!

  153. This is purely tribal, a reflection of inferiority camouflaged in distasteful portrayal of the said lack of culinary skills in Kikuyu people. Just to ask, which unique specialties come from kisii. Don’t say matoke coz you too plainly boil it. My ancestors not only made mukimo from healthy pulses, but also were able to make sweet nyama choma, dipped in honey which was known as rukuri, hope you have heard of that.. they also made sweet fermented porridge ‘curu Wa gukia’ and mashed bananas with indigenous vegetables; they were a healthy lot. So before you go displaying your inferiority filled tribal sentiments, do your homework first.

  154. No sane
    man from Western Kenya will let their
    Kikuyu wife or girlfriends touch the
    cooking stick.
    You hit it dude!!!
    This habit of mixing food is total laziness excuse..once shared a room with a colleague from central who would boil pojo(green grams ), still buy some beef and mix them as they boil.
    Proudly asks me to join him as he devours kitchen reject ‘tastily’ ,,seriously???

  155. YES its probably true that we boil everything.
    This article has nothing new, its just stereotyping and a mockery of the Kikuyu Culture. Same Sh*t, different days. The writer behaves like a consultant from some distant land like Mongolia, someone who is paid lots of money to tell you what you already know.

    As much as its creative and totally Hiiilarious, he should stick to writing relationship columns, like telling me why chivalry is dead, why metrosexual men are beating ladies at their own game when it comes to spending time infront of a mirror and at the salon and why ladies mean yes when they say no. Such like topics. Nothing about Culture, least of all Food!!

  156. Gideon Wangige excellent response. I pity this country. with such short sightedness narrow mindedness only God keeps this country together. negative ethnicity is just an excuse for people to act out unjustified hatred. just as this article vents his underlying darkness. explaining to such a person reason is impossible. leave the fool in his folly

  157. Ignorant prick..try the mukimo with bananas and black beans and then come back and post this rubbish. fyi we fry, roast,deep-fry, shallow -fry, bake, roast as we so damn well desire…if someone violated your taste buds with bad food, its not our faul
    t. Its what you get for eating anywhere anyhow. Tell me some interesting kisii delicacies I never heard of apart from matoke which is actually uganda’s staple…well, I guessed so….you got none

  158. i wish to make some amends here,one;i dare not go against wht uv said,infact i laughed all through your great piece but do you mind going back where you did your sampling(READ Research) and ask the accompaniments of the poorly done mukimo….i mean,there are soo many ways of coming up with it but uv just mentioned one,Two..mukimo is a traditional dish,one that reminds us of who we are n mark you,thats our trademark ….by this i dont want to imply we have kept our culture intact but at least there are some things left.Three…whether done well or not that only shows how diverse we all are and tht is what we need as kenyans,cultural diversity makes us appreciate one onother,our flaws make us learn and our strengths encourage the learners.At least we have something to laugh about.I am a kikuyu, and daaamn,am soo proud of my roots….(on a lighter note)…stop insulting our mothers,they trained us well 🙂

  159. Nyachwani…if Kiuks dont cook like they do…where would culinary diversity be found?? Every culture worldwide has its peculiar way of cooking even the strangest of things (read chinese)..Dining would be sooo boring if we all cooked the same way. All food isnt prepared to suit Nyachwani…Its Nyachwani to sample the myriads of recipes out there and appreciate the cultures….

  160. They BOIL the SHIT out of things and mix everything into everything and into nothing. So true! I never thought of it that way. But i know really distaste their food. (rather dye of starvation first) While their are going on about salivating on here ; it makes me want to puck and swallow my own puck! Gross!!! Gross, Gross pple! horrrinble fooodd!
    BOILED , over cooker. Need to take classes from everyone else on this. HONESTLY and do not get me started on their taste in fashion and color coordination! the old lady Kenyatta is prime walking example.
    Someone take us out of our misery Kenya and thank you for speaking truth author(S). Kudos!

  161. and yes, it takes Total Laziness to get this pathetic at cooking! And in facts it says a lot about ones character, culture,what-ever you would like to label it. githeri is a nightmare right there with those other horrific dishes traditional of this people.

  162. Wow!! Nothing to do with Mukimo or Githeri. Just a hatred for Kikuyus. “It doesn’t matter if they have the presidency. It doesn’t matter if they hold key positions in the government, military and everywhere where the politically inclined tend to pick bones with them.” This is a new one though, Now you are attacking their food? Seriously!!

  163. And ohh please gideonkirichiwangige
    this is not a contest of who writes the most words. Putting us to sleep! please stop. We civilly beg to differ and that is A OKAY! differences is okay and alright and DEMOCRACY! is NEVER personal. just a different in option.

  164. Dude, kikuyu women r Th beat cooks. We Cook variety of dishes n try new things. Kambas also do mothokoi. Thats not lazy!! Mokimo is not a stew its not eaten alone dushbag. And kisii do a banana dish. What is it called!!!!!! Get Ur facts right mr.

  165. traditional kikuyu mukimo is called ‘irio’ and it has no oil in it. great food and healthiest. also an all day meal-can be breakfast, lunch or supper. i hink you ate a poorly prepared mukimo. I cook it for my family and they love it. kids go to school happy and full. and what do you call Luhya mukimo of sweetpotatoes?

  166. weeeh! Some people here cannot handle a good natured joke at all.. Very sad, when I find this very insightful.. SMH.. that said, I had a kyuk friend in campus who had a special tumbukiza.. He boiled spaghetti, alafu rice and when it was nearly done, akaongeza spinach.. LOL! I had a hard time finishing that meal..

  167. its atrocious to say the least, using such huge words to demean a meal that you have only partaken from hotels…you should go to a kikuyu homestead and have that meal prepared for you, served with beef stew and a little kachumbari…and i will be damned if you don’t change your menu

    1. Nyanchwani, you have your personal issues with Kikuyus but not Mukimo. You either had a Kikuyu Gal who left you or you tried making the Mukimo and the whole thing backfired. For your information, the very beans you claim taste like warm loan soil Dolicos Lablab (Njahi) happens to be the most nutritious in the family of beans and of course the most expensive bean variety in the market. Write about something else because nutritional articles are just not your thing. Bure Kabisa!

      1. Am remorseful that I have encountered this mess abt Mukimo, however, I must stress the need to see Nyanchwani as he is, after learning though belatedly that he was in a group that lost elections now he is rejuvenating his vitriol through food, Kikuyus are intelligent people, that is why they control Kenya, Africa n the world without breaking any sweat, we r not dimwits, we gain precisely nothing in exchanging words with u over that sham conversation that is laced with colossal contempt n malice for people who ushered tht which u r using to spew ua mediocrity . …..meanwhile,Grace continue taking ‘care’ of Nyanchwani……Arosto. …For one to reply to ua ‘Solomonic’ thought u need first to research on how a Mau Mau member threw a sword over 7 miles. …tht will explain to u why we did not go to Coast n Nyanza to fight Muzungu. ….n while at it, eat excess Mukimo.

  168. Ahem!Ahem!Here is my two pence about this whole story and the hullabaloo surrounding it. I will take it as a joke and assume the writer was writing this for the purposes of entertainment and in no way was it meant to be taken as an authoritative position!!!SIO!!

  169. If you’re bred in it you will definitely love it if you weren’t bred in it you wont like it. LOL is it a lazy meal, I don’t know. By the way I don’t like any bit of it

  170. This is not about food ‘smart ass’..can be seen from your first paragraph…..but am sure they thank you for the attention u have given them…i mean, if they were not soooo important, y would u delve into their lifestyle and food………….u are shallow…sorry to irio watever u say, n am not alone

  171. What you’re talking about is Irio, not mukimo. Google it.

    I’d add that if a meal doesn’t appeal to you, just avoid it and select another. Life is too short to deal with trivial matters.

  172. Sounds like someone (read: a Kikuyu) wronged you. I’ve eaten good mukimo and I’m not saying that just because I’m a Kikuyu.. but your blog, your thoughts. ION, it’s a good read.

  173. I hope you have learnt your lesson Nyanchwani. Do not attempt to write when you have not researched well, and be clear form the beginning what you are referring to. FGor example, it would have been nice to know which of the many types of mikimos you were referring to here. Ignorance is a bad disease.

  174. hahaha…so true!!, finally someone was able to put in word what i always felt about mukimo but lacked words of expressing it

  175. I laauuughed thro this article.No apologies being kikuyu…ati we boil everything.loool..but i have never died and have eaten kikuyu meals through and through.lloooool..

  176. another tribal slur but on being thankfull to MauMau how come the first government was not thankful!! There is a story that we signed a deal we fight the Germans because they were becoming a force to reckon and in return we get our independence.. so when the Germans were crushed we had to get independence

  177. well said Grace. I cant wait to c his nxt aticle after he has done ur challenge.

    Nyanchwani… be a man! a lady just challenged you.. Will u chicken out…???


  178. This Onyancha guy, you forgot to tell everyone that Kisii’s are equally good in eating sweet bananas. Secondly, if a kikuyu girlfriend dumped you for being ignorant, please don’t bring your feelings to the entire community. Deal with it!

  179. whoever wrote this article might just be one of those retards who were finally able to read and write and couldn’t stop writing. Do ur research before u start posting misinformed articles online. The worst part of it all, isn’t the fact that u insulted MY traditions, its the fact that you think proximity to white people gives Kikuyus the mandate to create a national dish, its a NATIONAL DISH not a kikuyu dish! Its people like you who paint a picture of an illiterate Africa.
    Stick to licking windows or whatever it is you do, and yes I used my actual name, sue me, you crayon eating bastard.

  180. Reminds me of a time I almost as I sampled that nonsensical meal. Never again will that thing pass through my mouth I swear. I regret wasting my cash on that thing

  181. uv neva tasted mukimo well cooked with meat stew its the sweetest and the most delicious meal thing u can’t change is away of life useless

  182. hahaha this is one funny article mostly coz its true….i am a kuyo chiq and i know that it is all true, we really dont put that mich of an effort in preparing meals boil boil boil them all…..its been done by my grandma, my mum why stop with myself? well its really not that we dont care much for the taste buds but as my mother put it ”mugikuyu doobirwo to live to eat”. his various explanations of why we dont put much are hilarious btw…..people should lighten up

  183. is this about mokimo the dish or a lashing at kikuyus; bcoz this is so tribal. I would rather eat bad food than get HIV infection. Why don’t you deal with the pertinent issue in your community in kisii which is basically one of the communitiies leading in the highest HIV infections in the country…. By the way; i also can’t stand mrenda and ugali is a tasteless meal which you try to make us believe is the African cake or sthing… how is that for a joke

  184. I have always wondered how people can eat ugali and sukuma wiki for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!!!!Gosh!!! To make matters worse there is some brown/blackish ugali that tastes like sand!!! Let me own up; I cry every time I have to cut sukumawiki; how do you cut those leaves??? I would rather eat mukimo any day instead of ugali and sukumawiki!!!

  185. 😂😂😂😂😂 you have an amazing sense of humor. I have really laughed. I am wondering why I didn’t focus on the tribalism!! Perhaps because it was not about tribes but about Mukimo. 😳

  186. hey Mr. your too late too the party and you’re definitely not invited! its time you left our community in peace! we don’t have to explain or justify ourselves on how we we? we have no apologies.get a grip! what we eat, how we prepare it and how we live our lives is none of your damn business ! mind your own and write things on how to unite our country more if you must write! we’re blessed peace lovers

  187. as many as we are, we agree that mukimo isn’t a delicacy or call it a traditional kikuyu meal which is taken on its own or in isolation, you must be having a mind of a “project manager” to be able to understand how to prepare and take this meal, so i don’t see the point of this attack. its unprecedented.

  188. Is this an awareness campaign, I would term it as a heap of rubbish with no relevant agenda.If you hate Mukimo just keep it to yourself, no need to exhibit how poorly educated you are by combining little shoddy sentences that just shout which part of the country you come from.

  189. You obviously know nothing about Kikuyu nutrition. Mukimo, the proper one not the crap you are describing, is a health food that keeps cancer away. Secondly, Mukimo is eaten mostly with roast goat ribs…yes the ones you learnt HOW TO roast from Kikuyus. When you are going to Kisii, how many Kisiis do you meet roasting, selling and serving goat ribs at Kikopey stopover? WHY do you even stop over there? Just to take a relief crap? By the way, do you Kisiis eat your vaunted Ugali dry? I thought so. You didn’t think through before ropokaring, like a typical Kisii. Hehehe!

  190. i laughed at this then got bored after the third paragraph. Let’s be honest you decided to use food to expose your tribalism.Period.

  191. This article though, did you do your research?! I think the mukimo you are referring to is at some weddings and funny restaurants. You need to go to Kiambu and try fried mukimo with nyam chom…

  192. I don’t know what sort of mukimo you’ve been eating….but it’s definitely not the mukimo we make in our region.
    there’s mukimo made from corn, cow peas, potatoes and pumpkin leaves. While boiling the potatoes, you add salt to them, the pea githeri also. and that in itself is a balanced diet and a delicacy. there’s also the option of frying the plain mukimo. you simply fry some onion, add tour mukimo and mix it up. This option is to die for as is or with a side serving of beef, or just plain fresh tomatoes. so do not generalise on mukimo while you my dear NAIVE friend, have obviously been eating mukimo made God knows where.

  193. For those who got offended, do your own blogs please, vent as much as you want… I will read them all as long as you point me to it.

  194. This dunder sounds just like he is too pained to see githeri dominate the meals in the city center and dont get me wrong am not saying all githeri is sweet .Am just saying that it is not an antique that has to be put in a museum so that we can advertise and say we have a tourist site in central.Mukimo is a meal prepared with love and my advice to this coward is to stop eating mukimo from river road .Its fake .These are the kind of people who buy chinese nokias/I-phones and then start complaining about how Nokiai/I-phones are useless and tasteless.And Yes am proud of my MOTHER,GRANDMOTHER and GREATGRANDMOTHER who taught me how to make ‪#‎mukimo‬.Its not just a matter of mixing beans maize and herbs .There is a culinary specialty to this .And no mukimo , apart from biriani is one of the sweetest food in the country.‪#‎NYANCHWANI‬ you have insulted the kikuyu women because not all of them are bad cooks.Some of us prepare sweet ,foods that you omoguis can never imagine was existing.You are just being tribal and jealous about our food because its selling more that sagaa. Believe me if It wasn’t bringing back lots of money and customers, it couldn’t be the most popular.

  195. Nice, hillarious article. Of course we all perpetually claim that our mothers’ food is the best. That aside, our-kikuyu women are deal-clinchers and not cooks. For cookery we make money and hire others.

  196. Boss..U gain attention u good..but MUKIMO we aint leavin It…U ate Mukimo In the wrong Place. See How BIG #MukimoLove is from all this comments?

  197. If the only mukimo you have eaten is the commercial one you find weddings,funerals and restaurants then you probably have never eaten the real thing.however i must oberve that poor kikuyus will settle on githeri just like a poor luo or luhya will settle on ugali and sukuma.i think you know how they are made.

  198. Hahahaha…I am a Kikuyu whose food is adored and I find this relatively offensive. But honestly,there is truth in what you are saying.

  199. Hahahaha…I am a Kikuyu man whose food is adored and I find this relatively offensive. But to be honest,there is truth in what you are saying.

  200. Grace I wouldn’t add a word to your comment……I believe Nyanchwani has just realized that he has been in contact with the wrong Kikuyu women and visited cheap restaurants.

  201. we are running this Bitch ,we don’t have time to cook that’s why we are employing chefs!!!and for your info Mukimo is the most expensive meal to prepare ,and no we don’t boil everything together .Get educated before you come spilling your tribal hatred thinking you can blame kikuyus for all your misfortunes…

  202. Pls, pls, pls! readers and those making comments, let us not be divided by one man’s opinion. All tribes in kenya have something unique to display to the rest (including the world) Let us us take Nyanchwani’s sentiments as personal and does not represent anyone else other than himself. In each and every village there must be a mad man and where Nyanchwani lives is not and exception. Let us embrace our diverged traditions and make Kenya reach of it.WE ARE ONE.

  203. Nyachwani, i agree there are people who dont like the taste of mukimo. when kikuyus cook it for visitors they usualy prepare it with a side dish like chapo. skip it!!! im married to a kisii and suprisingly he loves the mukimo. @grace, try mushing cooked beans with sweet potatoes-very good call it chocolate in my house.

  204. The Humour is good but the facts are dead wrong. @ Grace Thanks for the facts. I however Wonder who on earth decided that near-ripe-bananas should be cooked in mukimo. They taste pathetic.They are the reason I hated Kiambu weddings since I was a child.

  205. WOW! this is such an interesting article! you must write a sequel, how amazing to see my culture from a different perspective! I guess that is what makes our nation great! it’s diversity. I guess It is possible for me to give my view on my thoughts of other peoples creativity or lack of it… but I choose to say this was quite a read! in my humble opinion this would lead to a stereotype of a community about their culinary or other habbit[s], but the problem with this is it only presents half the story, half the picture! to see the whole picture we have to look at the same scenario from both ends 🙂 for this case not from 42 points of view… at least 42 by 42 points of view to get an initial view of what everyone thinks about each others ability or inability to be culinary creative… you see the world from your world view… sometimes it helps to look at it from a different vantage point 🙂 Thank you for sharing yours 🙂

  206. first of all this article is a display of some level of ignorance. second, did this guy just compare the creativity involved in preparing mukimo and that involved in UGALI??? UGALI? People seriously do you see the absurdity and irony in that? UGALI! BOILED FLOUR???

  207. This article was written just to provoke, save your breathe and energy guys and leave him to continue eating his tasteless mashed boiled, lukewarm maize and weeds.

  208. Mukimo is garbage, tasteless and useless how can you mix malenge leaves, sukumawiki, cabbages, avocado, beans, green maize, minji and cook using dirty water then call it food, hii ni matope period.

  209. Seems you have never had the tasty version of mukimo, you might change your mind when you have. Fyi, the maumau fought for the freedom you enjoy today with the delicacy you are spewing so much hate for. That aside, you are a good writer, please dont waste your skills on the uglyness of the political divide. It would have been so much better if you would have taken a comedic twist, It now semés like you hate the food just because of the kikuyu tribe. Central region is not à geographical mistake, it is Gods amazing plan, i travel round this very beautiful country and still envy the beautiful diversity God has bestowed upon all officielle us. Please learn to celebrate diversity and dynamism in péople, cultures and places. It is a wiser way to live!

  210. Coming from a coastal man, maybe I will be biased but from my point of view… Honestly speaking, apart from coastal women, all Kenyan women do not know how to cook. PERIOD!!

    Yes you ladies, you have googled and seen how to cook biriani…. But surely, how do you use Kenyan Pishori to make biriani?? You do not know how to mix the flavours and tastes why lie… You have no idea about taste, none whatsoever…

    You ask me, rice is just rice right? No, rice is not just rice…. Kenyan Pishori rice has an aroma, cook it here and the neighbors three doors down and smell it… For an aromatic rice, which dish makes it more appalling??

    Even if you google a recipe, try to think of taste, same way you decide red shoes from Giorgio Armani do not match with green skirt from whatever designer, etc, etc….

    But anyway, maybe its just me

  211. Your post is very hilarious. Nobody should take this seriously at all. These are your personal opinions and nobody cares. If you feel like the food needs to be Improved, create something better and stop hating!

    FYI: mukimo is a healthy food. Never heard anyone who died from eating it.

  212. I don’t know if I am more irritated by his misspelling of French words (touche’ instead of touché) or his own view of mukimo, which denotes a lack of meticulous research of what he puts down on paper. I am Shiro, a kyuk of course, and I can cook for you potatoes everyday, but while one day it may be gnochhi, another day it will gratin dauphinois (with cream) and yet another day , I will at least put some nutmeg, yolk and milk. With leftovers, how about a shepherds pie, or a potato/bacon omelette?

    Nowadays people (read Kikuyus) are serving mukimo with beef burgundy ( stewed in wine and spices) or with chicken basil creamy sauce: As for Njahi I will not go into details about the recipe (making tarkas and all) but if I made you some, you would re write your article.

    While I see the humour here, I have noticed that when people write like this, they just don’t have the good fortune of having cordons bleus in their entourage. As another reader put it, my humble thoughts are that you are in contact with the wrong type of woman and have been frequenting cheap eateries.

    And by the way, a lot of Kikuyu girls are not hung up on hooking up with guys from Western either. When you hear one wants to eat ugali every day (however well cooked) you cannot help get a headache at the thought of come twilight hours and it will be the same style till death do us part and heck, variety is the spice of life.

    I do however see where you are coming from and do not take it personally at all, but then, these are just my thoughts from under the Mugumo tree.

  213. I won’t try to defend mukimo, just to add to your woes, we already beat you to your suggestion of having potatoes in Ugali…. its called Ngunja Gutu 😛

  214. aki so true,im kikuyu and we all dreaded when my mother was to cook,wanakula kushiba not for taste,our childhood was a nightmare,im married to an asian n i enjoy food n ^cooking

  215. I know you wrote this for the attention, but I am still amazed at your level of ignorance. Please research before writing theories and also use grammar check before you post stuff.

  216. am luo, married to a beautiful, submissive meru wife. I had the problem addressed by this post. Her cooking was pathetic, mixing all stuff till u couldn’t really tell the original meal. worse still she kept me on a githeri,njahi, minji diet!! to make it worse, she had the audacity to serve me rice!! yes, as a meal all by itself!! me. then a 96kg heavyweight boxer with the army…rice!!! long story. the short of it is, she had to learn how to cook and what to make a man..i sent her home to my mum n now…we good

  217. I don’t know why I found this article funny ,maybe its because to some extent its true about waru’s(I come from kinagop and the story about potatoes is true).I also realized why he(Jango hubby ) was a bit scared when I offered to prepare Ugali while dating..All in all great article andu a nyumba acheni kucash mafeelings

  218. Wow , very hilarious read , hehehe!!! , dont get what all the flack was about. Now ION, Grace here has a detailed analysis of Mukimo…..WOW!!!! who knew Njahi was called Hayacinth beans…….. I mean no offence but that must explain why they taste like Hayacinth weeds>>(Personal opinion) Hehe

  219. Dude, you’re a really good writer. Your article is embarrassingly poorly researched but your writing is great. Please don’t join the Njoki Chege, “greatly written bs” crew. Put your talent to better use

  220. I’m Kikuyu and I have to admit that this is true. Mukimo can taste nice, but very few people are willing to invest the time and money for fresh green peas. Even my mum admits Kikuyus have the worst food on earth, and she is well traveled by the way. She was taught how to cook delicious food by a Luhya friend when she was in campus, a skill she passed on to me.

  221. Am a pure kiuk (for at least ten generations up save a few maasai genes from my mum njeeri’s side) and I take this as a satirical piece. Please people you should go back to school and try to concentrate more during the literature class. Turning this into a political show-down is making me lose my appetite. #niHayoTu

  222. As much as I don’t miss getheri after high school. I consider it at par with Irish potatoes. Many ways one can prepare and present the simple potato!

  223. You and your humor rock! I do mean that genuinely,your article is a wonderful read though I may not show it to my mother-in-love. C’mon Kenyans,be easy this is not an ethnic/ tribal issue.On a related note,the problem is I’m still trying to grow my personal (only inorder to contribute to the national) GDP so I can marry I mean hire a chef.Now I have the perfect excuse…its those ”ancestral kyuks” to blame,I hate cooking.You are a godsend.Keep writing,no apologies. Only thing is you don’t seem to have an account at my favorite restaurant,the Secret Garden Cafe so I can disprove your theory on eating out…

  224. go to hell with ua biff with quqs it doesn’t change a thing…cant even waste time reading it all find samthing better to do

  225. Hey guys lets pick the humor in this piece, i think the author is just harmless kenyan trying to pass time. He is in my opinion not necessarily tribal

  226. I LOVE THIS ARTICLE! I first went to Kenya in November 2014. As an American, with no previous experience in Kenya, much less the culinary world of Kenyan and the wide diversity of local foods, I immediately set about immersing myself into the environment. I admit, I LOVE ugali and sumuku wiki very much(!!!), and it has a special place in my heart as I prepare it here in the States. My background was based on maize and chick peas, so I have some affection for foods with maize as an ingredient. Although, I do have to adjust for flavor by adding salt and black pepper, maybe some red pepper spice. But…when I first came across Mukimo, I found it…neutral. As others noted, it’s consistency was much like pea mash I had in Ireland. If it had more spice…namely salt and possibly some tomatoes, etc., it would have become a more interesting dish on my palette. As it is, I would venture a go with preparing it at home, but I fear I may do the meal injustice and detract from its culinary history, something I fear would be reprehensible and offensive to the deep and rich history of the dish. Something I noticed however, is that quite possibly, in my travels, is that without a wide crop diversity, and prices associated with various spices, ‘necessity is the mother of invention’ and extending from this, in order to provide calories for consumption in labor-intensive occupations, flavoring is a luxury that time prevents from introducing. Suffice to say, I love the article, and I miss Kenya. Amani Milele and Hakuna Silaha (p.s. I love that song).

  227. i luv my mukimo and i dont care what the ugali loving man says. you will not change my mind or anybody’s mind. stick to your uganga and enjoy it!!!

  228. so it’s a boring meal to you why does it bother u that much…if u don’t like it u don’t have to eat it!… well I think this is just one way of attacking a particular ethnic group thru this thing u call bad food…wish u realized that if u borrowed ideas abt foods from other tribes u would be healthy…simmered food is healthier than those that have spices….well was this a forum for u to talk abt food o air out ur hatred…it’s sad u are using ur literacy badly…wish u wrote an article on how to reduce rural urban migration….literate yet ignorant

  229. I am a Kikuyu man and about to marry a very pretty Kisii girl. But I insist she must get lessons from my mum on how to do Tumbukiza, mukimo njahi and Ngunja-mato (ugali with potatoes)….am already salivating!

  230. I must admit that I occasionally do prepare tumbukiza myself. But do you know the clincher? I only do it when I am feeling too lazy to do anything more creative. That should be self-explanatory

  231. I was offended then found myself laughing..offended again..and then laughed myself to tears.

    No part was I offended from a tribal perspective but as you put it, from a culinary one. I am Kikuyu and my meals are art..inclusive of the omena you so choose to call an insult. I actually having a resume of comments but I will not share it today.

    Just like how all men have brains and yet we all choose to use ours in differing ways. So do the skills that have to do with cooking. A meal is not just skills and spices. There’s a very big element of mood and temperament attached to it.

    In the end, you forgot to mention the Kikuyus brought nyama choma and wet fry and dry fry (lol) to Nairobi… Njuguna’s might ring a bell, Pavlov..

  232. Silas you are officially banned from any of our restaurants i swear….Hahaha ati kikuyus owe the rest an apology. Naenda home, if i find wairimu has prepared Mukimo am sending some to you. Great piece!!!

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