Brilliant idea From one Humphrey Kajimba

By Humphrey Kajimba

Ladies and gentlemen of the counties along the Lake Victoria region, I agree that there exists a correlation between growth and imperialism though I am still struggling to ascertain the boundaries within which this relationship contributes to employment creation and poverty eradication. I am persuaded to believe that our growth prospect, existing infrastructure and resources all reflect a population not efficiently utilizing their potential. I strongly believe we need to tone down on political rhetoric and start to engage on appropriate ways through which we can improve the economic situation along our beaches and empower our people through sustainable means.

Can we start to deliberate on how to organize the actors within the fish value chain (Fishermen, traders of fish and input suppliers, transporters and bulkers) into a single fishing cooperative that can foster the establishment of County based hubs that could then culminate into fish processing plants. It is only through such initiatives that we can approach Joint Venture Companies (JVC) as well as work on appropriate Public Private Partnerships (PPP) to build the capacities of our fishermen and those enterprises along the value chain for sustainability.

The existing constitutional frameworks provide appropriate avenues to engage both the national and county governments as well as investors who can offer guidelines and invest resources on such a program. I want to invite cooperate giants, political leaders, development experts and most important the host communities to debate on this issue in order to save the lake region. I ask all of us to stay clear from politics as we discuss this.

Remember some of those small girls and boys who drop out of school in these regions lack the fees not because their parents lack the capacity but because they continue to be exploited as they sell their fish to brokers. The spread of HIV/AIDS continues at its current rate because some of our people are struggling to put some food on the table exploiting all available options and yet we can do something to improve the lives of these people.

We remember Tom Mboya for what he did within the limited time and we will remember you on your decision to give a hand to some young woman or man living in Yimbo, Port Victoria, Lwanda, Uyoma, Asembo, Kisumu, Kendu Bay, Homa Bay, Mbita, Sena, Mfangano, Sindo, Nyandiwa, Sori and Muhuru.
Remember we need you to stand up now than ever before and we will appreciate.

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