Today, I will share with you random knowledge. Hope you all enjoy.

One of the properties of languages is their ability to produce new words (neologisms). This makes it easy to assign names to things and ideas, more so when they are novel. Incidentally, coining words does not come with a patent, hence no one is famous or known to be rich for coining a new word. Here are some of the interesting coinages.

1. Hangry:(noun)
when you are extremely irritable and frustrated because you are hungry. It is an amalgam of the word hungry and angry.
2. Nomophobia: (noun) The fear of being without your phone or when the battery dies or out of network coverage.
3. Floordrobe (noun) A form of storage for clothing which requires no hangers, drawers, doors or effort. Simply drop on the floor and you have a floordrobe. Bachelors in the house should be familiar with this.
4. Sofalise: (verb) to socialise by chatting online snuggled on the sofa.
5. Pank: (noun) an urban woman in her late 30s. PANK is an acronym of Professional Aunt, No Kids.
6. Baby-lag: (noun): Extreme fatigue and disorientation due to the sleep deprivation associated with parenting a baby.
7. Schwasted: (noun): the level of drunkenness beyond wasted.
8. Mommy porn: A genre of mainstream erotic literature that primarily appeals to the sensibilities of mothers and housewives, ala 50 Shades of Grey.
9. Expology: (noun) coined by South African writer, Darrel Bristow Bovey to mean an apology that is more an explanation and a justification for the wrong done.
10. Arachibutyrophobia: (noun) Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of the mouth.

Some random facts

Paul Kern, an Hungarian soldier shot during the First World War, never slept afterwards. The bullet, removed his frontal lobe. After being taken to Lemberg Hospital, he never slept as soon as he woke up. To date that the cause of that abnormality has never been established. He died in 1955, 40 years since his injury.
The Venerable actor Marlon Brando of the Godfather fame once told his biographer, Gary Carey in 1976,
“Homosexuality is so much in fashion it no longer makes news. Like a large number of men, I, too, have had homosexual experiences and I am not ashamed. I have never paid much attention to what people think about me. But if there is someone who is convinced that Jack Nicholson and I are lovers, may they continue to do so. I find it amusing.”

This would go to his biography, The Only Contender but straight men who are his admirers never reacted with homophobia as you would expect of men at that time.


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