Bachelorhood and Situationships

The next 20 years are going to be different.

The Deal

People ain’t even dating anymore. Just talking, catching feelings,sleeping together, cheating and ending up in situationships
-A viral online quote with a Katt Williams photo. Might as well as be Katt Williams.

My friend Gregory sent me the following message this last Sunday morning.

“Sema matoothbrush na mapants kuachwa kwangu…Hadi nimezilable na kuficha ndio mtu akikuja next I don’t confuse.”
(So many toothbrushes and pants in the house, that I have to label them and hide them so that when one shows up, I don’t confuse them.”

Give it to Gregory. He is in that phase we can call early bachelorhood. Two years after we graduated from campus, life sent him to Isiolo for some well-paying NGO stuff. He released his clingy and nagging girlfriend three months ago and he is breathing again. The breakup, he was afraid would be messy. In deed she caused a scene, but not…

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