That Nigerian Man Will Never Marry You: A Warning To East African Women


Wednesday, 24 April 2013 12

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It seems that dating Nigerian men has quickly become a trend in East Africa. The ‘show me your Oga I show you mine’ syndrome has rapidly spread and these men have even replaced the white man preference. But what many women don’t know is that they will wine, dine and fuck you but never marry you.

I spent a few weeks in Nigeria early this year and the picture I got from them- people behave differently when in their original environment- was rather different. Nigerians tend to avoid contact with foreigners, especially their women. It’s only ashawos that date white men or men from other cultures- did I say date? Sorry, sell is more like it. Your average girl next door Nigerian woman will not even look at foreigner so this creates an unfair advantage for the Nigerian man. However this is not why they will not marry you. The reasons are:

Their Mother

Nigerians are a very cultural lot. Despite travelling, exposure to other cultures, copious naira they still maintain their culture- look how they dress. So a mother would not want a foreigner for a daughter-in-law to bring ‘conflict’ into their culture. Especially from a culture that is so influenced by the West that they cannot kneel down in front of their husband’s mother or cook traditional foods.

Nigerian Women Traits

Nigerian women love their men and put up with so much shit from them. A man will meet you, move you to America then leave you there to give birth as he stays in Nigeria having fun with other women. And the women are okay with this. Which East African woman can agree to be left in a foreign country to just produce children so they can get foreign passports? The rationale of the women is that “Well, as long as he is providing for my needs I don’t care what he does!” Even if he runs around with other women she has her car, her house and is living abroad.

Aggressive East African Women

Nigerian women are very aggressive and loud but they can never raise their voice or fists to a Nigerian man. The East African women are the opposite- they abuse and can sometimes turn violent (Kenyan women especially because Ugandan women are ladies.) So the Nigerian men fear them and can’t even contemplate marrying such a person. Nigerian women release their aggression on other women not their men…so they guy knows he can fuck around but it’s his girlfriend who shall get slapped.


East African women are Easy Quick Lays. All a Nigerian has to do is drive them in his big car…knickers drop. Take them to a fancy restaurant…knickers drop. Buy them champagne…knickers drop. Buy them an iPhone…knickers drop. Nigerian women are tougher to bed thus a greater challenge and greater respect. To bed a Naija woman you buy her a car…buy her a house or even buy her a jet. Some men take a chick to Europe for a week and still sleep in separate rooms and even when they return back to Nigeria the guy gets nothing until he proposes. An East African would drop her knickers at the idea even before the purchase of air tickets or visa application even.

So, as he takes you out…and you drop your knickers. As he buys you champagne…and you drop your knickers…as he buys you phones…and you drop your knickers- just know he shall never marry. He will leave your ass and go marry a Nigerian woman. The only ring you’ll ever get from a Naija man is a call saying he never wants to see you again.


17 thoughts on “That Nigerian Man Will Never Marry You: A Warning To East African Women

  1. I would marry an Ethiopian or Eritrean or even Somali. Why should it matter. Of course, I would prefer a Nigerian woman, but all African women are great.

  2. So, what would you say about the very successful marriage between Apostle Anselm Madubuko ( a Nigeriam man) and Emmy Kosgei (a Kenyan woman)?

    I sincerely believe you did not do a proper research about successful relationships between Nigerian men and Kenyan women, or are you jealous?

  3. Nonsense these nigerian men are Gold diggers,looking for unsuspecting well to do Kenyan women to take care of them….Nawaooooh!!!!

  4. The various responses of some ladies here smack of sheer ignorance!!! Please take out quality time to do a good research and you’ll find out that all the Nigerian men who have ever married Kenyan women or any non Nigerian lady are actually super rich guys!!! Nigerian men do not discriminate, are decent, disciplined and very successful in their various fields of human endeavour. Atis Nyasiger, please be informed that there are more highly educated, well to do and very beautiful Nigerian women in Africa and the world than Kenyan women.

  5. Very many Nigerian Men living in Kenya or even the UAE are married to Kenyan women and living very happily yet i have NEVER seen any Kenyan, Ugandan or even Tanzanian man marry a NIgerian woman

  6. Very many Nigerian men in Kenya are married to Kenyan women and even the ones living in the UAE are married to Kenyan women, so your notion is misled and rather shallow! please note that as your men happily chase us (East African women) our men do not fancy Nigerian women at all

  7. Reblogged this on missfelistas and commented:
    So lately, my own relationship or rather, situationship has been making me feel a bit insecure and for reasons that a lot of people have come up to me and said things like my man would never marry me as I am foreign. But because I’m me and paranoid, I’ve gone in search of Internet advice lol and here’s what I found, an entire article to confirm why he’d end up with his own!! My dear readers, I’m heartbroken but laughing all the way. The article is witty and gives a different perspective and even escalates my insecurities about marriage, however, because I realise a relationship is between 2 people with a mutual love and respect, will focus more on that rather than the universal notion.

    Please enjoy as much as I did 🙂

    PS – Have any of you dated or been with a Nigerian man before? Leave your experiences in the comments section. You know me, I love gist!

    1. The gist above is totally false. Just came across this page by accident. I am going out with a kenyan girl and we are loving every minute of it. There a many kenyan wives here in nigeria and also many nigerian husbands in kenya. Dont get your mind coloured by one opinion, search.

      1. Hi. Thanks for stopping by

        My mind is NOT closed as I have dated some Nigerian men in the past, however we cannot dismiss the original poster’s experience. My own experience has been different to say the least and made me question a hell lot of things.

  8. The East African Women Are The Prettiest. I Am From America And I Am Black American But People Think I Am Mixed With African I Long Black Hair I Really Light Brown Skin But Actually I Am Mixed With Indian!!!

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