How and where you meet vis-à-vis relationship sustainability


Greetings class.

Today we are going to have a very important lesson on one of the commonest problems facing modern dating. The lesson should have come earlier, but it is never too late. We will be discussing the ever relevant question of whether how and where you meet your partner can determine how far the two of you go.

Your parents met in church, at the work place, grew or probably stayed in the same neighbourhood. This made it quite easier for them to run some little background check on each other. The woman could learn if the man has been the village Casanova and the man could get the sexual background of the woman rather easily. This meant that before moving in together, the two parties knew each other only too well.

Unlike your parents, you now have new avenues of meeting and forging relationships ranging from one night stands to no strings attached flings and sometimes dating seriously. These avenues include the internet, night clubs and the many colleges springing up everywhere. This means that the opportunities for interactions have gone higher exponentially and the consequences can no longer be down played.

Today, we will be discussing the internet and the night clubs as the odd avenues of meeting and trying to forge a serious relationship. The internet has more than ten utilities that encourage strangers to date but we shall limit ourselves to Facebook.

Facebook. Facebook came and the younger generation threw away privacy. Facebook is all about vanity. Facebook has given the lonely hearts an opportunity to meet other lonely hearts without necessarily paying some agency or the newspapers’ lonely heart columns.

Facebook has also introduced experimentation in relationship with total strangers. In this era of GEK (Google Enabled Knowledge ) where accessing witty quotes and posting them can make even the slowest pass for the wittiest, it is amazing how trusting the younger generation can be.

There are many people among you who have at least experimented with a Facebook relationship. I bet it was disastrous. In this age of Photoshop, you discover that she is no as hot as she looked on that raunchy photo. The pimples were not visible. The woman soon discovers, the gentleman mien on his posts don’t at all reflect his personality. He looks a pervert in every bit. Too bad that you cannot Photoshop one’s personality. I can say with certainty that very few, near nonexistent relationships that can be forged out of a Facebook interactions. Those that go on to work are the exception rather than the norm.

The reasons are obvious. Facebook interactions are based on unadulterated lies. You lie about your physical looks. The less confident about their looks can use the photo of their favourite pop star, cartoon or celebrity. Some can Photoshop and others can clip their best body parts. In terms of character, it is her word against yours and vice-versa. There is no one who can tell you that the man on the other end was responsible for the burning of schools a couple of years ago. There is no one to tell that the woman on the other end changed at least six high schools and not for religious reasons.

Once you meet and the initial shock is gone, the real characters often emerge and you soon discover that you are not compatible at all. Before you can say Facebook, it is over and you go back to search on Facebook for another gullible character. Besides, there is a rule that if someone shops at Facebook, he or she does it with long list of other people.

Let us talk about night clubs briefly. People, go to nigh clubs to drink, dance and party. But with the modernised version of one night stands that you now call chips funga, we are witnessing unlikely liaisons. It seems that you prefer experimenting with trouble. Let me make it clear…It is possible to make our politicians think and act wisely than to meet your future spouse in a club.

Many men know that women who will become good wives are not the clubbing types. It is a fact of life. It is an open secret among men that a woman you are interested in keeping should be taken to coffee joints and other places where chances of bending over are limited. They now play very bad music and the dancing in clubs is getting out of hand. If you develop an habit of taking your wife to clubs, when you settle down, she will definitely know what you will be doing or hanging out, especially when she is pregnant.

The same is true is for women. If your man is a party animal and you met in a club, be sure he has met many women in a club and definitely dated them to varied extents. You are not the luckiest. The clubbing types are adventurous. Too audacious. When a man takes your number in a club, he is 99% interested in sex. Period. By giving your number, it is partial conceding. It is a mutual unwritten rule. If a man is quick enough he can get done with you and dispense with you quicker before you know what hit you.

I must wrap up by telling you that it is important to know someone’s background, character, and sexual background in order to map out if you are compatible. If it is a relationship you are looking for, do not let desperation drive to search for a partner in the wrong place. The club and the internet only serve our spontaneous sexually gratifying desires. Nothing else. Count yourself absolutely lucky if it works.

Class dismissed.



One thought on “How and where you meet vis-à-vis relationship sustainability

  1. . . . Many men know that women who will become good wives are not the clubbing types. It is a fact of life. It is an open secret among men that a woman you are interested in keeping should be taken to coffee joints and other places where chances of bending over are limited.” Yes, safari walks and uhuru park.

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