My best 30 this month

My top 30 best ever songs
Some little trivia to wind up the week. These is the collection of the songs that if I was to be locked in some Island in the Pacific, I will request for. I can play them back to back to infinity. They are a collection of as many genres as possible. Here we go
30. That is what friends are for-Dionne Warwick, Steve Wonder, Gladys Knight & Elton John(Soul)
Anyone who values friendship must surely love this song. The instrumentals are just out of this world. The vocals, you aint gonna find them anywhere in one song.
29. Usiibe-Them Mushrooms(Zilizopendwa)
This used to be my old man’s favourite.Reminds of the days when KBC was the only radio we knew. Anyone who remembers, Kahawa Wiki hii and Janja na janjaure?Or salamu za vijana na Kijana wa kazi Peter Kimeu, he of knowing greetings in all languages. Charles Omuga Kabisae? Jack Oyoo Silvester, who ever heard of a Luo, who is flawless in his Swahili. Can someone please tell me where Nick Okanga Naftali is?
28. Never make a promise- Dru Hill(Bluez)
I always loved Boy Bands. I always regretted wherever they broke up. I never quite forgave Sisqo or Justin Timberlake or Marques Houston for pulling out Dru Hill, NSYC and Immature respectively. On this track, the Dru Hill were possibly at the mature best. The lyrics, the voice fusion will possibly groove your way into her arms, yet again.
27.I’m Trapped-Colonel Abraham(Soul)
This is one of those rare tracks. You get yourself nodding your head agreeably to everything. The funky beat that later helped Rick Astley Never gonna leave you, or together forever is both danceable and the ultimate club heat for those of us aging.
26.Nako mola Afula-Madilu System(Lingala)
I loved this song in class three. I don’t even know whether that is its right name. But never quite got over it.
25. Chocolate High-India Arie &Music Soulchild (Neo Soul –R& B)
When these two respected names got together, one automatically expected a hit. My buddie, Jowizy believes that they under delivered. But I insist that they got everything right, from the lyrics their vocals and even the beat.

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