8 Things 2010 has taught me

In some six ugly months, I will be chucking out of college. So much to do, so little time and yet so much unaccomplished. College offers some false sense of security. Constant and consistent flow of water and electricity, verdant green lawns, paved walkways, beautiful women and more importantly the unbridled freedom will be gone. And God, how fast time flies. !!!!

I have learnt many things in this year that is coming to an end and I would like to share them with you. They need not to be agreeable….

1. College life has an end
College life often screeches to a regrettable end, especially if you don’t have put your house in order. All the comfort will be gone. It is painfully sad, but inexorable. Get yourself a job or save your second semester loan my fellow comrades for rent, probably in some ghetto. Never mind Robert Frost summed life in the three most memorable words…LIFE GOES ON…
2. On women and faithfulness

This year I encountered form of social evil that is repulsive to me but nonetheless an eye opener. A number of young women otherwise in ‘functional’ relationship have slept with my friends right in front of my eyes, citing flimsy reasons such as that their boyfriends are not treating them well.

I’m certain that infidelity will be a natural part of our existence from now hence forth. Religion does not deter either sex from cheating. Women are now a top of their game. How they manage it, I don’t know. Won’t some female friend explain? I loathe cheating…if only there was something I could about it. Women are now slyer than the next fox and men would rather learn to deal with it.
3. On love
Future lexicographers (dictionary makers) might consider classifying the word love as ‘archaic’. No such a thing. In this Nairobi where you can meet a hot woman who instantly demands sex from you simply because you are tall or you drive, we living in tough times. Women don’t believe in love. Men, neither. What we have now is convenience relationships that bring anyone whatever he or she wants at the moment. Mostly, everyone is after the elusive good sex and by that we are creating a society of loose young people who believe that alcohol and sex are the order of the weekend. I hate it when they cry that they have been cheated on when essentially, they pulled the first.
4. On Human beings and gratefulness
Human beings are normally ungrateful. Don’t expect much. Just do your part in the giving and expect less. Your efforts might go unrecognized and someone else more often that not will take the credit. But take heart. Always be nice to anyone around you…you just can’t tell who can return the favour.
5. Friends are wonderful
They say, the best things in life are free. The best gifts of nature according to me are friends. I have wonderful friends. I thank God. Alex, Bony, Paul, Kevin, Paulo, Davy Gitau, and the rest I cannot necessarily mention here, I really value and treasure you and believe that ours is an eternal venture. We shall be there for everyone as always, forever more.
6. Women and loyalty
Women have what I can term as a shifting loyalty to everything in life. Unlike us men, who pick something and stick to it, for better or worse, women are quite a creation.

For instance, yours truly is a big Arsenal fan. In good and bad (more often than not) times, I have stuck with Arsenal. I love Nivea products and can eat all the fish in Lake Victoria. I’m faithful, consistent and loyal to all my friends, male or female. And all men I know subscribe to certain things to which they have permanently decided to be in love with. It is called loyalty.

Women are loyal to a million things. There isn’t anything specific that they dutifully obey and subscribe to. Today they support Manchester, tomorrow, Arsenal or Chelsea. It is funny that it always, curiously coincides with her switching from one relationship to the next.

I’m more angered by the ease with which they move from one relationship to the next. It is as simple as shutting the toilet sink. I hate it when they cheat on their faithful boyfriends. If boyfriends are not so faithful, I advise they walk out…two wrongs don’t make a right.
7. Spending on women
If you intend to spend on women for a sexual reward, you better make it crystal clear from the outset. Women have the callous and uncanny way of working on the presumption that a man can extend a favour without expecting anything in return. It is plain selfish and stupid. I don’t even know where they get such ideas. So, all I ask men is that make your intentions crystal clear from the onset, otherwise, they will eat your money, without chirping in, when you ask for a sexual favour, all they have to say is that, they are either in a relationship or not interested in dating. For your troubles, they will consider you as a generous friend.

It is not a compliment.

8. God Provides
How I have made it to the end of this year, I don’t Know. I thank God for being there for me. In both my strong and weak moments. In my sinful and righteous moments. It is my prayers that God showers us with all blessings and empower us to fight the evil forces.

2 thoughts on “8 Things 2010 has taught me

  1. It occurs sometimes that we’re just cheated on cos the man(read bastard)is simply as greedy as they come,does not know a good thing even when its right infront of him. As for us women…don’t blame us…we simply learnt from the best!!

  2. Talking about friends, I was thinking about Abaya. Is he the Paul you mentioned above? if so can you bring him to the surface please. Good friendship never dies and it will always jerk you up when you need a hand.

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