Fresha Pap updates; One laid

Fresha Pap updates

PG: This blog will occasionally contain obscene scenes and language, but kindly bear with the writer as he is only interested in disseminating the truth as he only knows it.

“By the way I’m not interested in becoming your boyfriend,” BB, told a fresha after a brief afternoon lay.
“Neither am I.” Said the fresha rather curtly.

As a man if woman told you that, you feel cheated, used, abused and rather short-changed. BB thought that he could use the fresha and dump her just like that. But, contrary to his presumed prowess, this fresha proved a smart ass.

BB is your typical bad boy in campus. He has laid countless women. Has no morals. Drinks everything and smokes every smokables. He likes sex, alcohol and money. I have often opined that he is the SI unit of immorality. A fact that he has never refutes. He beat every one in our clique to the race of bedding a fresha. Quite unsurprisingly.

But his encounter is just one of those forgettable recreational sex that we all one in a while engage in. Nothing home to write about. No big ‘O’. No emotions. No sweet nothings. Just like picking from the red light only that in this case the woman does not ask for money and she too enjoys.

As indicated in my earlier blogs, there are freshaz whose generosity will be the most talked about thing in our hostels for the next few days to come. Here is a quick guide on how to go about the freshaz.

1.Spot the beauty.
Over time, I have come to learn that the prettiest women are the easiest to date, go out with or even lay. They are insecure. Unsure of what goes around this weird, wide, wild world. They come in two versions: that so annoyingly conscious of their looks and full of themselves and everything has to revolve around them. And there are those who are unconscious of their looks and just comfy and content about life. Go for the latter. They are sober and often are bright. They have that scarce intellectual nerve that can drive a conversation.

Pick one beauty, carry out an easy conversation and listen to her vain aspirations, hopes and wishes and move on to feed them. If she does not drink, you shouldn’t too. If she is religious, please be. Whatever her dislikes are, move away from them. Promise her longevity in that relationship. Assure her all the confidence. If she has never been heartbroken, she can love you so much. Sometimes she can go on to be you’re the girl you have been looking for.

2.Spot the player
No can ever be so annoying by being played by a woman, much less by a starry-eyed, excited fresha. It beats up being beaten up. Unacceptable. If she has the tendency of hanging out with curious company of either male or female, keep off. If she is a party animal, keep off. If she picks three phone calls every five minutes, keep off. If she drinks too much and acts loose, keep off. If she hugs every male friend of hers with her boobs upfront, kindly keep off. If the only time you know about her whereabouts is when she is with you and keeps her physical locations secret…run.
3.Spot the heartbroken
Dating a heartbroken woman is easy and hard. Easy, if she has accepted the inevitability of the past, ready to deal with the present challenges and cares less about the uncertainties of the future. Hard if she lives in the past. If you are meeting a fresha who has just broken up with her adolescent boyfriend, you will have to be very technical. Promise her that you will not break her heart and kindly please do not.

I live by the creed, if you cannot appreciate a woman enough, leaver her alone. There is always someone out there who can love her better.
4.Spot the virgin

Unbelievably, there a number of virgins amongst fresha. There are those who are now ready to encounter their life’s biggest unchanging g experience. They are searching for that special man to unlock the door of joy, pleasure, unbridled delight. For the first time, they will learn that their bodies have powers to bring a potent mixture of enchantment. For the first time, they will discover why sex is the only that thing that drives humanity. The reason, they will be pursuing the damn degree. The reason they will be waking up every morning.

If you run into a virgin, give her the best. It is a special day. Don’t be rushy. Treat her to her demands. Penetration can be a little bit hard, so hold on until she is sufficiently ready. By the time she gives you the green light, go in slooooooooooowly and release the wild oats that will stir her as she gets ushered into the world’s only known standard measure of equality.


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