Fresha Pap Series 1

Once again, Main campus received averagely beautiful chicks, who all seemed to me that they will join the numerous church groupings, Scouts, Aisec and those pretentious clubs that make them chicks so annoyingly principled.
I spent a great deal of Tuesday trying to notice a beau, a sight for sore eyes but I didn’t notice something incredibly beautiful. At some point in the day some short Kao Chick showed up. Boy, wasn’t she some really piece of meat (no offence nor pun intended.)That ass was the roundest I have seen in long time though it can’t beat the ass of a certain second year who has an ass that has a life of its own. Let us talk about her.
It is like nothing I have ever seen. Her buttocks seem to be having healing powers. Every man in this university who has seen it quite agrees, they don’t come rounder, shapelier, sexier, and beautiful than that. If you walking behind her at about 7.55 for a class of 8, and she is strolling, you will definitely be late. They are firm and in place. She is tall and has the grace and swag of Peahen or peacock.
And boy, she dresses it. She has hot pants, tights; skirts all that are just tailor made. She is conscious that she has an ass and confident of the fact. But she dates the least likely character. The basis of their relationship has eluded me and a million men who stay in campus. Either the man is well hang or they belong to a cult (Esther Arunga-Hellon-Timberlasky) style. But to this we shall return in subsequent blogs.
So back to freshaz and the specifically to the comparable Kao Chick. She had rings around her face, her ears, her nose, her tongue, presumably on her navel and you know where else. She was sexy and her disposition was just as enchanting. Hopefully she has not carried along into campus her former boyfriend and I hope she won’t be just another gold digger who will be eating and drinking the broke-assed men that constitute the majority of men in campus. I’m definitely in the long list that will be hawking lies to get her attention. I hope that I will be the best man who will win.
The rest of the freshaz, were not worth writing home about, but I take this opportunity to introduce my lecture series on freshaz.
So keep it here daily or weekly updates, including refreshing rumours about the golden and silvery rush.


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