Fresha Pap

It is the moment we have all been waiting for. A kind reward for our patience in this University. A climax of our stay in this university. A crowning and befitting gift as we edge out of this Great Institution. It is justice after three years of witnessing freshaz taken by the tallest, oldest, monied old individuals.
Come October 12, freshaz, /10 will join this University and with that many fourth years will run for gold. In the days gone, it used to be called Golden Rush (must have been a promotion in 80s and 90s.). In recent times, it has been labeled ponyoka na fresha and now, Family Bank’s Pesa Pap couln’t have been more apt for the promotion running from next week to the next number of weeks.

It is funny how time flies. Only three years ago, many girls from my class seemed untouchable. They ignored us, treated us with utmost contempt and outrightly chose to look up or out for men. Now it is our time to get the hot and bothered, pretty and beautiful, cute and nice, slender and fat, tall and short, smart and dumb, the good, the bad and the ugly of the freshaz.

And what a joy? It is always good to get the freshest, juiciest thighs. Thighs that ooze oomph and erotic excitement. It is always good to grab boobs that posses that pubescent sexual ease that you hardly come by past first year. Ok, let us have one thing straight. I’m not sexually debauched. Or Am I?

Personally, I’ll put a want ad for the one of them that I want. Something chocolaty and a nice pair legs. I think legs are my fetish in these things. She should be considerably short, witty and feminine. Two to three will do me good. But I digress, and I hope the missus will skip this post.

Every fourth year really anticipates the next few weeks, save for the uncalled for examinations. It is a beautiful and joyous occasion. Doing all that sampling, capitalizing on their naiveté and milking the moment for all it’s worth. And as usual, every year brings with it four types of freshaz…here we go

1. The loose category

Within two weeks they would have slept with 23 men, had a combi, and blew a number of ‘em dicks, slept in different unnatural positions. By the third week, she would have partaken in a combi consisting a gang of four to six men. She will be the easiest lay that every Tom, Dick and Harry and especially Dick will have.

After a few weeks, she will settle with someone, especially from her class or much older and will lock her pants henceforth. She will quit alcohol and be cautious. Most likely in her encounters, she could have picked a sobering venereal or got a pregnancy that she instantly aborts. Many men will be wondering afterwards why she becomes very mean.

I’m still investigating that and will find out from girls of my year who belonged to this category. Hopefully, they will open up.
More often than not, they are of average beauty but with certain foregrounded feature, mostly their asses or boobs or sometimes a particularly outstanding face.

2. The Hottest unreachable ones

Possibly the beautiful in that particular lot. They are irresistible. Mostly from a national school. Confidence is their middle name. Sometimes from poshy backgrounds and posses an attitude as big and wide as the under construction Thika Highway.
They come already dating someone from outside who will be dropping them in a souped up car. They party in exclusive joints and will be hardly seen in campus between, Friday 5pm till Monday 10am.

They dress superbly. Do their make up well and will remain a fantasy to many men in campus. If they have to date a man in campus, they are normally faithful and clingy. They can date anyone from their class but will stick to it. Sorry she does not take up jokers or those interested in a quick lay.

3. The Carols, Annes, Marys:The average ones

First, apologies to all the Carols, Annes, Marys of my life. Quite frankly the Carols in my life are above average, but this is for those average, majority chicks who fall in this category. They are average in their looks, in class, in terms of their arguments and lost in the masses.

They date average men. They take relationships seriously. Believe that love exists. Get a dozen heartbreaks before eventually admitting that love is a strange thing. So much for the enemy called average.

4. The religious type

She will form the audience for the congregations in churches for the next number of days for the overzealous evangelicals who surface from nowhere as soon as the freshaz settle. This group will be in charge of Bible study groups where some rogue men go to pick the desperate ones, and capitalize on their naiveté to lay them. They are a tad difficult dealing with. Often impossible. We shall deal with the later.

One thought on “FRESHA PAP!

  1. Oleee!!! You did it again my good, old friend. this is the better that the one u did in 1961 when we were recruited at the National Youth Service…. Keep the fire blazin!!

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