Types of sex requests made by men

How we ask for sex
It is normally rude, impolite, uncouth, stupid, silly and incorrigible to ask ‘it’ from a woman forthrightly. Even in today’s liberal world where women’s demand for sex surpasses that of men, women still expect a more modest and longer route to asking a sexual favour from her.
A favor? Yeah, that how some women think of sex to date. They believe that is the most precious thing that man was bequeathed. But I have news for them…It actually is. That is the reason that men can do anything in their power to lower the panties. Sex is a defining moment. Sex is wonderful. Sex is magnificent. Sex gets the best out of us-literally. Men worship sex. Men adore sex. Men love sex.
We love sex so much, that nothing can stop them. AIDS, STD(I)s and pregnancies have all tried but with limited success. We invented condoms to stem this. But still the limiting nature of condoms has many shun its usage, at their peril. The most interesting thing is how we normally go about the courtship business. Here are some of the ways:
1. No-nonsense approach
These men approach the courtship with the seriousness it deserves. When it all boils down to asking for sex, they will still be pulling that awful face. Actually, have you ever stopped to imagine, how those serious-faced guys go about it with their girlfriends or wives. They use compulsive language, unsmiling and unassuming.
I wonder expression on their face once the woman submits when they are reading (read having sex) to borrow from our lingua franca. Is it the sheepish standard grin that we all wear, when it is happening, expressing the inexplicable, ineffable joy that we wield within. And by the way why do women close their eyes, some chick should be bold enough and explain, I’m a little naïve.
These men must be having limited vocabulary and most likely use threats and blackmail, since they don’t know what courtship is. So all they can do is use their position and money. And more often than not, they go for the naïve, ‘loose’ girls who are easier to handle coz, ni mteremko.
2 .The joker-style approach
This is the safest, easiest approach. What makes it even more interesting is the fact that it has an exit strategy. Especially it is that cute girl you so much wish to bed but you don’t have an approach. This approach, you only convert everything you say to a joke no matter how serious. If she enjoys the jokes, you keep pushing some more. Thing with this approach, is that it contributes to 100% spontaneous sex tales outside rape. Every man with a functional joy stick and juice has a few such tales to his exaggerated tales.
What I like most about this approach, is that it is forgivable. Even when you meant everything, you can always claim you were kidding. I don’t know, but women can believe anything you tell them, granted you do it with a straight face.
That is how all men have gotten through that standard female question in campus dating:
“But how can I believe you, when that all every man says?” She asks.
Answer: “Buts sweets, I’m not every man.”(With a straight face.). Deal done.
2. Direct approach
Only a prostitute can accept this approach. It is demeaning, belittling and absolutely unacceptable. No woman can accept it. Even prostitutes sometimes demand some tact. If you doubt, try it and you will come to learn.
So when my friend, Kevin or Bony, or Andrew, sometimes ask for it and get that killer look, am left laughing inwardly. But curiously enough some women like this approach. Especially those who have passed a certain threshold where they can sleep with anyone, everyone, everywhere, anywhere, wherever, whenever. Anyone, as long he can put a condom on. And when she is drunk, anything goes.
Every society, university, towns, school college has its fare share. Women who have lost count of the joy sticks that they have accommodated. Try this approach and imagine they see nothing insulting.
And there two categories of women here: those who get laid to confirm that they can be loved, they are normally unattractive. And those who suffer nymphomania (check that one up). Dealing with them, you must be well hung down there and you have the power of a stallion.

This discussion will go on demand.


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