Dump him; if you cross that bridge

Crossing the bridge and the art disposing him

Death and rape are certainly the two most affecting human experiences. But there are other experiences that are equally devastating.

Take for instance a woman who dedicates all her love and fidelity to one man only for the man to walk out on her, disappointing and betray all her emotions. Consequently, she will sink into deep self-loathing and spends the rest of her life man-hating. Forgiving men and their indiscretions becomes a big problem and wherever there is a gender inclined debate, the approach of such a woman is most of the time militant.

For men, if there is one thing that is absolutely demoralising, then it is being left by a woman because she crossed the economic bridge. It happens. Morning, noon and night. Many men have been left by their girl friends or wives once they got that dream job, that magnanimous promotion or simply struck whatever gold.

It is heartbreaking. I have seen men break down completely because a woman walked out on them once she changed her fortunes. Being dumped by a woman for men is sad enough. But being left because she changed her status quo is a deeply emotive subject that ought to be discussed.

Our egos can hardly allow us to accept the fact that a woman can actually dump one as she climbs up the social ladder. It is men who do the dumping according to the old rule book on relationships. But with the latest economical and social emancipation, women are now very much in charge of their relationships as men. Whenever they feel like they are holding the wrong end of the stick, they can pack and leave.

In a scenario where a woman lands a plum job that makes her purse heavier that the man’s wallet, suddenly she realises that she can do with a serious man. A man with ambition. Ambition is a turn on for women. If you are a struggling, middle income earner or in one of those inconsistent jobs, she can only sympathise with you as long as they don’t earn as much.

No sooner does she cross the bridge than she feels the compulsive urge to drop the man. To her the man is a limiting factor towards her hard-earned success. The man becomes a baggage that ought to be disposed with all the immediacy.

When men cross that economic bridge, they do not necessarily feel compelled to dump their current girlfriends, albeit quite inevitably, most of them take up a mistress or two or sometimes go for a second wife (especially the politicians).

But for women they go about it differently. They believe that their success is entirely on their own. Listen to them on female talk shows on television and you get the drift. They have never said who is exactly behind every successful woman as they said for the man. Admittedly, women sometimes endure torturous experiences on their way to the top, but the way they personalize their success can be so off-putting.

The desire to dispose the man is a natural one. For the man normally will feel insecure and inadequate in that relationship. Anyone who holds the financial keys in a relationship would patently wish to be in charge. But the way women go about it is hardly satisfactory. They will always find problems with the man as soon as they cross the bridge.

Women can be selfish about their success. They would wish to date someone from their class or above. But lower! Hell NO. Sometimes I believe this element of class was invented by women. Women who date men down their class do so out of genuine naïve romance tales or fall for the chicanery of the man from the other divide. But most of the time, they tend to stick it up with their classes strictly.

In the event a man is left, he will be mentally disturbed. Denial is a natural reaction and excuses such as ‘she became big headed’ or ‘she started cheating on me’ are quite common place. Very few men can agree that they were left. It is suicidal even to merely acknowledge that you were left when the woman struck gold.

So men ought to subscribe to the Sicilian school of though that dictates men should avoid women who are more ambitious than themselves. They are dangerous and should be avoided at all costs. Most of the time, they will dump you, if not verbally, they will use sign language. So callous. So condescending.

Silas Nyanchwani


One thought on “Dump him; if you cross that bridge

  1. Fuck women…they ar the cause of all problems right from the garden of eden…take a good exa of me..I have a database of my past ex-girlfriends and probable reasons that made them leave 83% left because of financial issues while the rest left because of financialy related issues..wtf…leave statistics aside…men are driven by beauty. and women by cars ha ha..(I dont need citation here its common sense) anyway thats nature…even in the stoneage the ..long before the age of money women would go for sm ape who could hunt more porcupines ,so its not a new phenomena but only a change of platforms..even in the middle ages kings and knights married more women so nothing is new..forgive me for any vulgar language ..but bitches are funny beings dont b mistakaned by their marketing strategies they are not looking 4u but 4 the rich fellows..sorry for boring u ..just an opinion

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