Word of caution to clingy women

Guarding your man the wrong way

There are certain things men don’t take kindly. Whether done with the best of all intentions or not they are bound to rub your man the wrong way. There is a certain clique of women who particularly have this uncanny habit of guarding their men wrongly and as far as I know they end up being dumped without hesitation for their folly. What inspires these women to behave like such totally escapes me but that habit seems to persist? I thought it was so juvenile but interestingly even mature women often tend to guard their men wrongly.

Guarding your man is not bad at all. But how you do it matters much. There are certain proven methods of upsetting men. They include sticking to him in public places and brazenly displaying to all and sundry that you are the only woman in his world and no one should come closer to him. Unless it is with his consent and he seems to be enjoying it, give him some breathing space. This habit is common in places like parties. She will cling to you as if her very life depends on you. True, men have roving eyes and in any other party are women out to snatch your man, but some decorum is required when handling such matters.

Some women can be damn desperate in trying to announce to the whole world that this is their man. God forbid should you end up with such woman as your girlfriend. In the presence of other women she will hold you seductively and suggestively in manner that leaves little for imagination to those in the crowd who she is to you. Apparently her intention is to ward off any woman in the crowd with the intention hitting on you or when you will attempt you will be told off. It is a strategy set to send off tacit information that the man is hooked. She intends to damage your every chance. Whereas there are men who will feel loved but a majority hate being displayed as taken especially in an environment where there are many beautiful women.

It not just in parties where women have this habit. A couple of days ago a friend met a good girlfriend from days of yore and was hosting her in his house one of those cold lazy evenings. When her girlfriend who she is cohabiting with arrived ,she  suddenly she thought she had busted them and she instantly got alarmed. Consequently she started behaving rather too badly. She proceeded to demonstrate who she is in the house in a bizarre manner. Quite unbecoming. She forced a hug on his boyfriend, went to the bedroom changed her clothes to provocative dress and came back to ask if “visitors” had taken anything.

All along she did not ask who this intruder was. She deliberately ignored her and whatever she did was aimed at demonstrating that she is the queen in the house. I don’t know what ensued after we left but I learnt later that for her troubles she got dumped. As I later learnt the girl who was being disgraced was a respectable woman who deserved better treatment and my friend could not stand it seeing her being reduced to such petty issues that his girlfriend was propping up.

You can guard your the way you want but be rational. Question your every action and more importantly think of the consequences to both you and your boyfriend, immediately and afterwards. On the spot you can keep off all those women as you wish but in the long run man being prone to polygamy and promiscuity will find an excuse to dump you. You have to be technical in handling such matters.

The major drive to behave like such could be insecurity. This insecurity result from the fact that at any given place and time some woman is dressed better than her. Maybe she has displayed enough cleavage and flesh to attract the eye of your man. Ogling is an inherent men problem and their favourite either subconsciously or consciously. Painfully aware of this fact, women go to extra-ordinary lengths to protect their men. Unfortunately men don’t take this kindly and punish them befittingly.

I persuade women to learn better methods to guard their men. These desperate displays can be catastrophic. One thing that I know they will only stop the man from fooling around on the spot but will motivate him to maximize every opportunity that presents itself in your absence.


One thought on “Word of caution to clingy women

  1. it is human nature to guard and protect wat we love but someone shud remind our ladies that everything when done in excess poisons everything…What a good piece you have here…good advice man

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