Chiromo Versus Main; which is the land of beauty?

Chiromo Versus Main Campus:where do the beuties lie?
Let us put this matter to rest now. Chiromo is the land of ultimate beauty. Gradually, beautiful women have been getting brainy by day. The cutest chick in my books in Nairobi University is a Computer Science student in Chiromo. She has the easily the prettiest face I have seen in all my entire stay in this University considering that now I’m officially an elder following the exit of fourth year this week.
A little digression here is in order. Is it just me or the fourth year BA walikuwa down to sana. I can’t pick them in a crowd. They don’t have any presenced whatsoever. Their self esteem is inexistent, no wonder they seem so confused one can’t help. Wish them well.I Know time flies and come next year, we shall bounce.
Moving on fast, Chiromo is the place to get a date if you surely want one. Medics especially are outrageously gorgeous. I often sit outside Hall 4 now that Student Centre no longer functions to just marvel(read ogle) at the sheer beauty exuded by these younglings. I don’t know exactly what has happened lately, but more and more beautiful women are headed to Chiromo and the common assumption that BA is for the bimbos no longer holds.
Regular female students at Main are an apology to beauty. I know I’m not even handisome and hardly qualified to poass this harsh judgement. I could have kept so quiet on this one had it not been for the fact, most of the BA students at all level are unnecessarily snobbish. They think, they got it, while their Chiromo counterparts.
Chiromo women are respectful and orderly. When youy say hi, they don’t respond uppitly like the beauties in Main. At physical level, their beauty supersedes those of Main by far. This is is the verdict of men, not just me. It is commonly agreeable, in male circles that Chiromo should be the new huynting ground.
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2 thoughts on “Chiromo Versus Main; which is the land of beauty?

  1. This was a correct observation Mr. Silas,ur assertions r representative of our views,keep at it man.

    Im ur year-mate n a colleague.

    1. haha its sylvia here.when the monkey could not eat the grapes coz they were too far he said that they were sore.if B.A chcks ignore you dont automatically say they are ugly.I am in chiromo na B.A wako juu

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