Is there a Sexual Explosion among the Nairobian women?

Your average middle-class woman is a walking sexual encyclopaedia. She has experimented pornography on her boyfriend(s), often to disastrous results. Silas Nyanchwani offers his two cent worth on the issue.

I don’t believe men when they tell me their sexual exploits. Normally they have a tendency to exaggerate, edit the details to suit the heroic status we often yearn for. I have never met a man who confessed that he failed to satisfy a woman sexually. All men are good performers in their own words. They make women moan, scream, beg for more and completely exhaust them. Reality tells something different, however.

Sex is something mysterious. All our thoughts are governed, influenced and inspired by something sexual.  Especially men. They say that men think about sex every nine seconds, and it is no hyperbole. We want the best for our selves. It is the reason we privately watch pornography or eat anything that we think is aphrodisiac. When it boils down to comparative sexual talks with peers, there is always something that worked for someone that one is invariably tempted to try.

But lately, women are calling shots in the bedroom. Women now have high aspirations and expectations. They go nothing short of a big O. If a man can’t eke it, he better ships out. Women try everything in the book (read the glossy magazine), and apply it in the bedroom. Ever wondered who needs those glaring titles such ‘Eleven sexual move to drive him mad’

Lately more and more men are treated to rare, bizarre bedroom acts that leave them challenged, embarrassed, scared, baffled, astounded and confused. It is the stuff they scoffed at pornography a few years ago.  Where women get the courage to pull it is beyond me. Women are sexually energized, activated and they ooze raw sexual power that is easily scaring men out of bed. Going by some reliable anecdotal evidence, women are taking seriously the material they read in novels, magazines, internet and pornography

From their diet to choice of literature they read, it is evident that women now want the most out of the bedroom. Gone are the days when a man could caress her a little, spank her bum, touch her boobs, breath hard on her neck, lick her tongue, kiss, get an erection, insert, bang-bang-bang, ejaculate and hooray! If you try this on a Nairobian lady, you will be courting a disaster.

When it comes to bedroom matters, women can’t seem to be accepting a below average performance. Our mothers most likely missed the now proverbial multiple-orgasms. Women want this. While their attempts to get the best and the most from every bedroom act can be comic, one ought to give it up to their efforts.

More and more men are being caught of guard when a woman requests to blow them. They are caught in a dilemma, nay, crisis that they cannot begin to fathom. If they refuse, it will be the height of sexual naivety in 2010. It smirks of sexual ignorance. Some under undue pressure often can give in, even though grudgingly but their psychological status cannot allow them to enjoy the supposed pleasure. They are afraid, often unreasonably, what will happen if an accident happened. It is quite unconventional for men of a particular age. But some for curiosity or experimentation frequently give in but it is not yet time to celebrate this level of sexual emancipation.

Nairobian women are a different breed. There is nothing new they won’t experiment with. Whether a sexual orientation experiment (actually I have overheard that if any lady has not kissed a fellow woman s considered as ‘uncool’) or fashion fads, foods and everything, they are so magnificently good at it.

That is the reason, more and more are trying real peculiar sexual styles that are wacky to say the least. Half the time they prove catastrophic and can scare a potential suitor away. While sex is a key ingredient in marriage, no man wants a sex machine for a wife. Fulfilling her expectations is impossibly difficult with the current job-related stress and the junkie food that we eat. Besides men still hold the belief that the sexual experience of a woman is directly proportional to the number of men a woman has slept with. At that level, it becomes personal. No wonder many female writers have advised women never to disclose the exact number of men they have slept with. Men mind this.

Men are getting highly encouraged to ‘up their game’. Women are not relenting on their pursuit of happiness. They are fired. They are hot, literally. They know what they want. They are doing their part. Can men reciprocate their efforts?


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