10 Things I learnt from our strike

10 Things our University strike taught me

After reporting back to school, following the sudden closure occasioned by the shambolic elections, I have learnt a couple things that I think are worth sharing with you, my friends.

10. This country has no future leaders

James Orengo, Martha Karua, Otieno Kajwang, Kabando wa Kabando, Ababu Namwamba are some of the products of this University. They don’t necessarily inspire the best of leadership skills. But the current crop being honed to take the leadership positions in future are a worse lot. They are tribalistic, corrupt, stupid and silly. They are young Mugabes in the making. We couldn’ have existed at a much worse period.  

9. Regular students are very vulnerable

The level of inconvenience witnessed after the police chased us was startling. An eye opener into the challenges faced by the government sponsored students. Many ran with paper bags carrying their belongings. Many were without relatives to spend a night or two, hence they had to travel at night to Western Kenya. It was a rainy season and those from Samburu were advised to take boats, the road had been carried away by the rains. It happened at the worst possible period of the semester, where al students share one thing in common: brokenness.

8. Being 20-26 and jobless is a painful experience

Especially for a man. For the one, yours truly hassled and nearly sold land, had it not been for the timely intervention of elders. It is frustrating. Staying with folks in a town setting is not funny. It is even terrible if they are married. Why do married women have to be so mean to the relatives of her husband? There is fare from the estate to town daily, some cash for hassling and some little to treat your woman. Out there, these are luxuries one cannot afford continuously. It is a terrible world.

7. Stoning cars is no longer funny

Why do students stone personal cars every time they strike? Lately the public is getting a tad exasperated by the ensuing shenanigans. Nothing warranties bad stoning and harassing motorists. They are our future employers. But then again, with limited options, how do we drive our point home.   With administrations, dangerously assuming that might is right, what do the hapless students ought to do in order to be heard? For the time being motorist have to bear with us.

6. Scholars cannot use what they teach in class in real life practice

We are taught Administration, Democracy, Crisis Management, Public Relations et cetera, yet when it is time for democracy to be practiced, appointment are done indirectly. When it is time to handle a crisis, it is managed in the most bizarre possible way. When it is time to show management, all the managers are nowhere to be seen. Aaah..Only in Africa.

5. This is not the greatest University

Great universities, do things differently. Grate universities set god trends. Great university set right standards and go nothing short of it. Great universities produce the best in the world. Great universities are great in the own standards. We do not even have standards. Or do we…

To be continued…


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